VIDEO: On Fox, Cornyn Says Democrats Aren’t Interested in Compromise on Border Security

Monday, I appeared on Fox News’ The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino to discuss border security funding and Democratic leadership’s refusal to compromise.

House Democrats who have now gotten the majority don't want to use that majority to actually do anything other than obstruct President Trump. But I think federal employees deserve better. The American people deserve better. This is, as I said earlier, a contrived, phony crisis because this is a lack of political will. We should man up, we should step up, and deal with this in a way that I think our constituents expect us to do.

We know what the experts, the Border Patrol, told us they need. They need physical barriers in hard-to-control places, they need technology, and they need people, more Border Patrol, to be able to apprehend people coming across the border to interdict the illegal drugs. So this is relatively straightforward, but if it's all about defeating President Trump and embarrassing him politically, which seems to be the focus of Ms. Pelosi and Senator Schumer, then obviously we're not going to get a deal any time soon.


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