Virtual Texas GOP Gubernatorial Debate: Questions From The Tea Parties

A virtual Texas Gubernatorial debate between Kay Bailey Hutchison, Debra Medina, and Rick Perry was recently posted online by a coalition of grassroots movements from across the state of Texas called the Common Sense Texans Network. Each candidate was asked ten questions to which their response was video taped. View the questions and answers below:

1. Do you plan to further reduce property taxes so that we can own our land without the threat of losing it to the government because we can’t afford the tax burden? Would you eliminate property taxes entirely? Why or why not? - Kerry W, Austin Tea Party Patriots

2. Specifically - by major program categories - how much do you intend to reduce state spending? If you say it can’t or shouldn’t be done, why not? - Tammy B, Tyler Tea Party

3. To end the magnets that draw illegal aliens to Texas, many Texans support policies that end sanctuary cities and require all employers to use E-verify for all employees. You made your views known on those items in your last debate. Many Texans also support requiring state agencies to report the costs of services provided to illegal aliens. Do you agree? In addition, tell us what other steps you believe need to be taken at the state level to protect our borders, families, and economy from illegal immigration. - Rebecca F, Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas

4. If you could only focus on one item during your term as governor, what would it be and what would you do about it? - Jennifer H, Katy Tea Party

5. The federal government has exceeded its constitutionally enumerated powers for many years, frequently infringing on those rights reserved to the States respectively, or the people. Specifically, as the chief executives of the state of Texas, how will you contribute to reversing the transfer of power from our people and state to the federal government and restore our lost sovereignty? - Andrew P, Allen Area Patriots

6. The concept of American Exceptionalism has been completely removed from our textbooks. Instead, children are taught to be global citizens. Do you agree this is the correct path? If not, how would you correct this systemic problem? What is your stance on vouchers and school choice? - Lorie M, Dallas Tea Party

7. How do you intend to lead as governor and encourage the Texas legislature to avoid last session’s stalemate and instead pass a solid Voter ID bill? - Judy H, Austin Tea Party Patriots

8. Now that the notion of the Trans Texas Corridor and the ever-increasing number of toll roads being built in the state have come under fire, what do you think is the best way to handle our transportation needs in the future without creating a financial burden on the working citizens of the state? - Karen T, Texoma Patriots

9. Many Texans believe that the high cost of all levels of government is directly due to a trend towards government involvement in projects that could be better handled by the private sector. What public project or program would you like to see move towards privatization, and how do you propose to implement the change? - Felicia C, Houston Tea Party Society

10. Tell us about a mistake you made in your public life, why it was a mistake and what you did to correct it. - Maria A, Central Texas 9-12 Project


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