Vote for Cloture is Today! Make D.C. Listen!

Ted Cruz’s filibuster was about energizing the people and forcing Washington, D.C. to hear what we have to say. And in that respect, it was overwhelmingly successful. Establishment Senators’ D.C. and district office phone lines blew up, resulting in many of them simply taking the phones off the hook.

D.C. has heard our voices, but not all have listened. In fact, many establishment Republicans- like John McCain and Peter King- are attacking those who did listen. This makes today’s vote to invoke cloture ever the more relevant in defining the Republican Party, as we will see whether establishment Republican Senators choose to stand with Harry Reid, or with conservatives.

Invoking cloture will allow Harry Reid to strip the Continuing Resolution of defunding language and easily pass the bill with a simple 51 vote majority. (There are 54 Democrats in the Senate.) If cloture fails, Harry Reid will need 60 votes, and therefore 6 Republicans, to fund Obamacare. Amazingly, Republicans like John Cornyn have pledged to vote for cloture and give Harry Reid the power to fund Obamacare. After the cloture vote, the 46 Republicans in the Senate won’t have the votes to defeat the bill, so even the Republicans who vote for cloture can vote against the bill in the end in order to give themselves political cover. We have one more day to put as much pressure as possible on the Senate.

Click here for a whip list of Republican Senators and where they stand. Be sure to call the ones highlighted in Red first, and remind them that a vote for cloture is a vote for Obamacare. Next, call the ones in gray and urge them to oppose cloture.

Especially call John Cornyn. Since his offices’ phone lines are frequently clogged these days, you can email: his Chief of Staff, Beth Jafari, at [email protected]; his State Director, David James, at [email protected]; and his campaign manager, Brendan Steinhauser, at [email protected]. Politely ask them to urge the Senator to stand with the people and vote against cloture. John Cornyn’s offices:
D.C.: 202-224-2934
Houston: 713-572-3337
Harlingen: 956-423-0162
Lubbock: 806-472-7533
San Antonio: 210-224-7485
Austin: 512-469-6034
Tyler: 903-593-0902
Dallas: 972-239-1310

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The vote is scheduled to take place mid-morning on Friday.

Louie Gohmert for Senate?

Thank you to those of you who have called in to Rep. Louie Gohmert’s office and thanked him for staying in the Senate chamber in support of Senator Cruz throughout the entire 21 hour filibuster. Rep. Gohmert’s office tells us that they’ve been flooded with calls praising the Congressman’s actions, as well as encouraging him to run for Senate against John Cornyn. What do you think? Louie Gohmert for Senate? Please continue to call.

Rep. Gohmert’s office numbers are: D.C.: 202-225-3035
Tyler: 903-561-6349
Longview: 903-236-8597
Lufkin: 936-632-3180
Marshall: 903-938-8386
Nacogdoches: 936-715-9514

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