Voting for Gary Johnson Reflects White Privilege


Last week I wrote to share with you an article published by two academics in a peer-reviewed journal arguing that the pumpkin — even Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte — was a symbol of racial oppression.

The latest thing is: voting for Gary Johnson is an expression of white privilege.

In “The Abhorrent Privilege of a Third-Party Vote,” a Charles Dunst warns of all the terrible things that will happen to minorities if Trump is elected. Therefore, by voting third party instead of voting for Hillary Clinton, you’re exercising white privilege. (That’s right: even voting for Jill Stein involves white privilege.)

Just for the heck of it, let’s review the terrible things that are likely to happen to minorities if Trump is elected. Let’s take blacks first. Under a President Trump, they’ll be relegated to hideously bad schools, neighborhoods no one in his right mind would want to live in, and have higher unemployment rates than the rest of the population.

Oh, wait….

Funny that our author, whose heart is deeply grieved by the fate of minorities, has not seen fit to utter a word about these things, all of which have gone on under Democratic (and often black) mayors for 50 years.

It’s true that Trump wants to limit immigration, but if America truly is as “racist” and awful as our author says, wouldn’t it be cruel to encourage nonwhites to migrate here anyway?

“Hate crimes against Muslims have increased along with Trump’s poll numbers,” Dunst warns. In Virginia, for example, anti-Muslim hate crimes are up 40%!

Indeed they are — from five cases to seven cases.

What’s that? You say you’ve never heard our impartial media report the raw numbers? I’m shocked.

Since I consider it a moral imperative to oppose SJW victimology at every turn, I can only conclude: we must (1) vote for Gary Johnson while (2) carrying a pumpkin spice latte (3) inside a jack o’lantern.

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