Warning Rosie Castro Hazardous to San Antonio!

If you are a native San Antonian and a conservative, then you probably know about Rosie Castro a civil rights social justice activist and the former director of Raza Unida in Bexar County.  She is the mother of the infamous radical twin brothers, Juaquin and Julian Castro.  Juaquin is the U.S. Congressman from District 20 and Julian is the former Mayor of San Antonio.  Under his tenure as mayor San Antonio went Progressive leading to Socialism. He was the 16th United States Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 2014 to 2017, under Barack Obama.

The current San Antonio City Council District 7 member, Ana Sandoval, has officially resigned to make more money, leaving a vacancy.  She has also endorsed Castro for the temporary appointment.  Rosie Castro would like to be appointed to that position until the city election on May 6.  At least that is what she is saying to the media. “I will not seek election to a full term in May, but if appointed in February over the next few months I will do my best to ensure that our community moves forward toward a place where all neighborhoods can thrive and each person reach for their dreams.”  In that same statement she claims to “love” our city.  It is not clear what she means by “moves forward towards a place where all neighborhoods can thrive and each person reach for their dreams.” As this statement can have so many connotations.

Rosie is a product of a Catholic education, having graduated from Little Flower and Our Lady of the Lake University and even receiving an honorary PhD degree from this prominent and progressive university.   Her beliefs, however, are far from what the Catholic Church teaches as she supports her “boys” and by supporting her sons she herself advocates for abortion and same sex marriage.  In fact, she is in lockstep with the U.S. congressman Juaquin (D) and whatever he supports. 

The Progressive rag, the Express News, encourages its citizens to support Rosie as Gilbert Garcia's headline states, “Why Rosie Castro would be an ideal choice to fill the rest of Sandoval’s term” and better still as Elaine Ayala wrote, “Appointing Castro to D7 would right a historical wrong.”  The “historical” wrong she is writing about is the fact that in 1971 Castro ran for city council under Raza Unida ticket knowing full well she wouldn’t win as she mentioned in her interview with Dr. José Angel Gutiérrez.

Dr. Gutiérrez:

Were you disappointed that you lost?

Ms. Castro::

No. I intended to, I mean, we knew we couldn't win.

San Antonio D7 voters owe her absolutely nothing.  Unfortunately, as we see over and over in Districts that are entrenched in progressivism, voters continue to vote for the status quo and seldom see change.  Each American citizen has the freedom to follow their dreams.  It isn’t Rosie Castro that will hand them their dreams on a silver platter. 

When Rosie started out as a young woman, she undoubtedly saw injustices in San Antonio’s Westside.  Her intentions may have been unpolluted then because she wanted street drainage and other improvements that were not provided to the Westside.  But one issue that runs parallel to her life history is her hatred for the “gringo.”  At what point in your life do you finally realize that “hate” is all consuming.  Her twitter feed is filled with the past.  She even retweeted an image stating that Latino children should learn the truth in Latino history. Leaving no doubt that she firmly believes that America and Texas is "stolen land."



Latino history too

Quote Tweet

Lakota Man


Feb 2

I’m starting to think that white kids ARE strong enough to learn Black and Native history. It’s their parents that are having issues with it. Agree? #BlackHistoryMonth

Her distain for the Alamo is embedded in her heart from her childhood and the fact that her mother was a maid for the “white” people in Alamo Heights 09 seem to have created this deep abhorrence.  When will she let go of this hatred?  How can she really “love” San Antonio when she is blinded by her personal agenda? 

That is reason enough to oppose this appointment, also consider the following:  On May 6 San Antonio voters will find on their ballot six initiatives to amend the City Charter that according to ACT4SA “will amend the City Charter of San Antonio to adopt a justice policy that will reduce unnecessary arrests, mitigate racial bias, and save scarce public resources through a comprehensive set of popular reforms.”  They are:


Eliminate the enforcement of low level marijuana offenses


Ban chokeholds by SAPD in ANY instance forever


Ban the use of dangerous no knock warrants except in extreme dangerous cases (such as hostage situation or exigent life circumstances)- where extensive procedure is laid out for accountability and transparency


Make the use of citations and the diversion program for low level misdemeanors permanent


SAPD officers shall not be responsible for enforcing the statewide law


Oversee the implementation of this policy and make sure future city policy follows with the purpose of this section to reduce unnecessary arrests, promote police accountability, and save scarce city resources- especially those related to public safety

The ACT4SA website goes further as it projects its goals to include the surrounding municipalities.  “Our goal is to expand the work of police accountability throughout Bexar County, the municipalities surrounding it, and the state legislation that is affected as well.”

These are dangerous anti-law enforcement steps towards a depth of destruction as San Antonio has ever encountered.  Decriminalizing marijuana will only empower the Mexican cartels that already have a strong hold in Texas.  In Texas possession of marijuana is still prohibited and in some cases can result in a felony charge.  The only people that can be charged for an abortion are the providers, not the women having an abortion.  These initiatives can only bring lawlessness to a peak.  Could it be that Progressive Rosie wants to be on the council to make sure these are voted in?  She strongly believes in police “reform” together with “gun control”.  What will this mean to a city already under the influence of a Progressive Mayor and a Soros funded District Attorney?  Nothing good will come of this. 

Understandably it is up to the citizens of San Antonio to take back their city.  But will they?  Council members should be held accountable for misleading the voters as their responsibility is to bring them the truth.   Applications for the D7 appointment begin on February 13 through February 24.  What are the chances Castro is the appointed D7 member and sits on the council in March…and then runs for Mayor?  Ron Nirenberg, the current mayor will be termed out in 2025 leaving an open seat.  This would be a perfect opportunity for Castro to campaign for mayor.   

Citizens should oppose the appointment and be outraged if she is appointed!  Rosie Castro is an outright Marxist…San Antonio deserves much better. 



Never Give Up!


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