We Will Not Conform LIVE: Making Common Core History-A Glenn Beck Event

Heard of Common Core? I'll bet you have. Heard of Glenn Beck? Two for two; not bad! How about the upcoming event that's being put together by Glenn Beck about Common Core? No? Well, stay tuned and I'll give you all the deets!

Next Tuesday, July 22nd in Dallas, Glenn Beck along with Freedomworks, which is a group I'm sure you've also heard of before, are teaming up to put on an event called We Will Not Conform LIVE: A Night to Make Common Core History. To better explain what this is, I've taken the explanation directly from the event website. This event is... "A LIVE interactive experience during which cinema audiences will actively engage with Glenn Beck and other experts as a comprehensive plan to fight back against Common Core is crafted in real time."

"Fathom Events and Glenn Beck invite you to experience a night of action against Common Core when Glenn Beck’s We Will Not Conform is broadcast LIVE to cinemas nationwide on Tuesday, July 22 with a second showing on Tuesday, July 29."

"This isn’t a typical show - it’s an interactive experience and a rare opportunity to make a real difference in America’s education system. We Will Not Conform is your chance to not only hear from experts like Michelle Malkin, David Barton, and others but to join LIVE with fellow theatergoers across the country to develop tangible strategies in the pursuit of enacting real change in our schools. By the end of the night, the brainpower, experience, and passion of cinema audiences nationwide will be captured in a unified plan of action distributed to all participants."

To get more information, I was fortunate enough to send in some questions about the event to Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of Freedomworks. Freedomworks has been working on the Common Core issue for a while now, among other things, like trying to defeat and defund Obamacare, promoting conservative candidates for House and Senate races and keeping activists around the country engaged and involved.

Kelly Horsley: When did Freedomworks first start talking about Common Core?

Matt Kibbe: In the fall of 2012

Kelly Horsley: Why do you feel it is important to team with Glenn Beck to do this event?

Matt Kibbe: It's a live interactive event linking parents, teachers, students, and more from across the country with a live event in Dallas. This will bring everyone together, on the same page, to develop a comprehensive action plan.

Kelly Horsley: What is the most important point you hope is communicated in this event? What do you hope the audience walks away with after the event?

Matt Kibbe: The audience will walk away from this live event with an action plan and specific steps that they can take in partnership with others around the country to stop common core.

Kelly Horsley: What can moms and dads do to make sure and keep Common Core out of their schools?

Matt Kibbe: Stay aware! Constantly communicate with your local officials, read your childs' homework and tests, look at their textbooks. The We Will Not Conform event will provide an action plan for parents to do just this.

Kelly Horsley: How many sates and or districts have adopted or implemented Common Core?

Matt Kibbe: Officially 45 states, DC, four territories, and all Department of Defense Schools. However, we see the influence of Common Core nationwide due to changes to the SAT/ACT/AP programs.

Kelly Horsley: Common Core has been in the news a lot lately as has CSCOPE, which is here in Texas. Briefly for our readers, can you explain the difference?

Matt Kibbe: Common Core is a national set of standards for which curriculum and testing are based. CSCOPE is a Texas specific curriculum program based on Texas standard with outside influence from common core and other programs. CSCOPE has come under scrutiny in Texas as common core has in other states. The programs are linked because of the influence of companies like Pearson.

Kelly Horsley: Tell us about the event, its release date, and where folks can go and see it and how to get tickets.

Matt Kibbe: July 22nd, it's a live event so it's released at that point, they can go to wewillnotconform.com for more info and tickets. It will be replayed on July 29th.

You heard it here, folks. If you want to get Common Core out of your schools and lives, then get online and go the website listed above and secure tickets to watch this live event. A plan of action is always a good thing. Common Core, however, is rotten to the core.


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