The Weaponization of Psychiatry

A treasonous approach to arguing who should be president is taking place now.  Will the Left ever catch on that they are dividing our country?  Will they ever get the idea that their new approach is working for all the wrong people?  Now, ‘someone’ has funded yet another approach to overturning the last national election — to find the president incompetent by way of mental disorder.  To find 27 ‘health experts’ who would gladly disparage our president is not a difficult task today.  Especially considering the majority of those who enter that field, do so with the primary intent of figuring out what is wrong with themselves!

Yes, attacking a leader’s mental fitness has been done before.  But that doesn’t stop the Left from trying again.  The law be damned, torpedoes full speed ahead!  If one attack fails, try another.  If you run out of ideas, re-run the old ones.

You have to ask, “Won’t these attacks just weaken our country?”  The answer would be a resounding, ‘yes’.  But why would someone want to weaken our country?  Someone who lives here?  The answer is simple, those who attack our president may live here, but they are trying to turn our country into a new one.  Or at least one which the Left has been fighting for over the last 150 years — the perfect utopian communist state.

The following links point to articles describing at length the ‘psych’ movement.


Once again, don’t ask what’s next.


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