The Weaponizing of Corporations

We see more examples of ‘hate speech’ toward our country every day.  No way can someone be proud of their country.  What are you thinking?  America is evil!  If you find this hard to believe, ask yourself why companies like Facebook would constantly use their corporate power to control what we say about our own country — if what they say is good that is.

Listen to this song posted on Facebook and ask yourself two questions — What is bad about the lyrics; and what could the motivation be behind Facebook taking this video down.  When your done listening to the video, then read the explanations below.


The following is an opinion, but you should challenge yourself to come up with a better answer before just dismissing it.

What’s wrong with the lyrics?  Nothing.  They speak of equality and a lack of racial divide.  The song tells of pride in one’s country and appreciation for those who protect it.  They demonstrate their appreciation and pride by flying the American flag. They respect the flag and honor it and what it stands for.

Why would someone or a company want to tear down such inspiring music?  Because they don’t want the public to be proud of their country — they want them to hate it.  Why would they want that, you ask?  Because they want to bring on a new America, one that embraces a new philosophy — the antithesis of ours, capitalism.  The new concept during our beginning that has taken a relatively new country (in world history) and turned it into the powerhouse of the world that it is today.

The enemy is here, it’s everywhere.  The Progressive movement (aka, socialist) are fighting hard to destroy what has taken 240 years to create.  They’ve been doing this since the early 1900’s — quite successfully to.  As our president Trump succeeds, the Left will get even more apoplectic and act out in even more dangerous ways.  Be prepared.  This ride is going to get a lot more bumpy before we come out the other end of this seemingly dark tunnel.  In the interim, know your enemy.  Study his moves and constantly ask what he is doing and why.



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