What Did We Learn In Houston's Elections?

It was an interesting election with Bill King and Sylvester Turner emerging in the Mayoral runoff. King was able to consolidate the "run government as a business" voters and Sylvester, the liberal Democrats.

With the defeat of HERO especially, in the Afro-American community Ben Hall is probably kicking himself for not putting significant resources behind tying Turner to HERO and an increasingly unpopular Mayor Parker.

Another looming issue in the runoff is the public pension crisis facing Houston and how to solve it. This is the elephant in the room, especially with Turner's longtime close alliance with the public employee unions standing in the way of reform.

For down ballot races, here is our take. In the At-Large City Council races, former HPD Detective Mike Knox leads Georgia Provost in Position 1, with Democratic Chair Lane Lewis in fifth place. In Position 2, incumbent Parker ally David Robinson held to 32%, and will face-off with Pastor Willie Davis, who will be formidable in the runoff. In Position 3, Michael Kubosh rolls. In Position 4, in a battle for second for the runoff position against liberal darling Amanda Edwards, Roy Morales narrowly beats Laurie Robinson. In Position 5, Jack Christie has been forced into a runoff with Sharon Moses.

In the City Controller race, Bill Frazer, CPA, faces off against Chris Brown, current First Assistant to lightly regarded incumbent Ron Green.

In the key district races, District F incumbent Parker ally Richard Nguyen is in some trouble against challenger Steve Le. In District G, Greg Travis edged out Sandie Mullins Moger in a spirited race. Travis' victory owed to a significant late, effective mail program. In District J, Parker ally Mike Laster will face Jim Bigham in a runoff.

In the other city referendum, 2-year terms are now 4-year terms, based on the voters' preference.

On the State Constitutional Amendments and County referendums, here is our take: Everything passed. All four Harris County bond issues and all seven State Constitutional Amendments, including more funds directed to highways and an increase in the homestead exemption. Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick informs us that more homeowner tax relief is in the works.


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