What (NOT WHO) Are You Going to Vote For?

“They” say the number one rule in business is don’t talk politics. If you have been on my email list even for a short time, you know that is not a rule I usually follow.

But I will just this one time. I am not going to recommend a party or a candidate. Instead, I would ask that you consider some facts.

Look at the cities and states where elected officials have refused to maintain law and order. Thousands of businesses and homes in Kenosha, Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, New York, and other cities have been looted and destroyed by so called “mostly peaceful" protests that are really riots sponsored by groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter. These same groups demand defunding the police​ while murder rates skyrocket and the city councils and local governments are giving in to their demands!

Most businesses will be covered by insurance, but will those owners reinvest their money when there are no police to protect them and the civil authorities side with the rioters against the police? What do you think?

But the police are not the only target here. America itself, and the ideals of the Founders are being attacked as the basis for "systemic racism" and "white supremacy."

It disappoints me to see our professional athletes joining these calls and refusing to honor our national anthem, our flag, and our country. What are these athletes thinking? It may be a good thing that only 20% of eligible NBA players voted in the last election!

Sports columnist Jason Whitlock said it well in his column “American Sports are Letting Down America:”

“The entire American sports world—a culture that traditionally celebrates victors, meritocracy, colorblindness, and patriotism—has suddenly immersed itself in black victimization and left-wing radicalism. This immersion threatens to do permanent damage to American culture as a whole. It has certainly undermined national pride. A country that no longer believes in its founding ideals cannot prosper and survive.”

Amen. So, keeping my promise to avoid mentioning any candidates or parties, I would urge you to support and respect the men and women in law enforcement who risk their lives to keep us safe. I urge you to cherish the ideals America has always held dear. America is not and has never been perfect. But, as Abraham Lincoln rightly declared, "We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth." Defunding the police is not the answer.​ Rejecting the ideals of our Founders is not the answer.

I urge you to support candidates and the party who will fully fund our police AND cherish America!

God bless America, and may He guide God-fearing Americans to vote for peace and prosperity.


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