Where is Justice for Waco Bikers?

I have sent Attorney General Paxton this appeal on behalf of the bikers being held in the Waco jail for an unduly long period of time without charges being filed:

Dear Attorney General Paxton,

It appears to me that a great injustice is underway in Waco with the 100+ cyclists still in jail under a $1 million bond, which is higher than some murderers are charged and unaffordable for most of the men.

These cyclists were caught up in a bad riot, but to hold them in jail without specific charges is unjust and they should be released. I doubt that they know what recourse, if any, they have to be set free.

Does the Waco PD still not know who killed nine of the cyclists? It is possible they may have been killed by the police in the shootout.

These jailed citizens are husbands, fathers, and workers whose employment is in jeopardy.

They have bills to be paid and families to support.

Can you, as AG, intervene to get their bond reduced and their release from jail?

Just so you know, I do not know any of these cyclists, but the length of time they have been held under a bond none can afford is unjust and unfair and I want justice to be served.

If you can do anything to correct this injustice, I hope you will do so soon.


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