Where's The Beef?

As we move toward the "official" start of the 2018 Election's fall campaign, conservatives are increasingly concerned about the fate of Senator Ted Cruz.

The race is a critical one on the ballot. Cruz's opponent, left-wing Congressman O'Rourke is out-running Cruz, out-campaigning Cruz and out-personalizing Cruz.

So when TCR asks, where is the beef, we are asking what happened to making this race about Texas vs. California values? What happened to making the race about Cruz's mainstream values vs. O'Rourke's out of step leftist values? Where is the Ted Cruz we know and love from his campaign six years ago and from his campaign for President?

If O'Rourke is allowed to make this race about personality and showing up all over, Cruz will lose. Yes, he needs more money, but first, the fighter Ted Cruz needs to re-emerge now.


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