Which Republican Isn't more Qualified Than Hillary?

In this election cycle, the Republicans suffer from a problem of riches where voters will find that there may be at least seven or eight candidates superior to those running for Democratic nomination, including front runner Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has been around for nearly a quarter of a century from her husband's Presidency and her rank in the polls is as much to her simply being around as opposed to any serious accomplishments. Hillary's first major project in her husband’s administration was to design health care reform and get it passed. She botched that assignment as not even her own Party wanted anything to do with Hillarycare and Democrats lost the Congress in 1994 forcing Bill Clinton to the center. Now that we have seen what a disaster Obamacare was, which is the successor to Hillarycare, her judgement on healthcare policy can easily be questioned. Her tenure as Secretary of State can now be seen as a disaster, and her Senate career was only eight years and distinguish by mediocrity.

As for the rest of the Democrats, Bernie Sanders is an old white socialist with ideas adopted from 19th century Marxism, and Martin O’Malley was so unpopular after eight years as Maryland’s governor that the voters rejected that his favored Democratic candidate in 2014 supported by O’Malley for a Republican in one of United States' bluest states. James Webb actually is the only Democrat who one could see as presidential, having been the Secretary of Navy in the Reagan years, a war hero and added one term as United States Senator. The problem with Webb is that despite his moderate reputation, and no matter how many times he will say, “I voted against Obamacare and provision of Obamacare”, he voted for Obamacare in the end. His voting record is not much different from socialist Bernie Sanders. The moderate Webb moved left with his Party and chose not to run for re-election.

The Republican have a slew of governors who actually have shown successes as executives. Jeb Bush was not only a successful governor but many of his reform and ruling philosophy still hold sway some eight plus years later. He not only governs Florida conservatively but present Governor Rick Scott has followed up Bush’s strategy of keeping taxes and budget spending controlled with Florida becoming one of the fastest growing states in the United States. Florida now is matching the job creating machine that is Texas. (To the readers, I am not endorsing any candidates but laying out their qualifications. Bush did run Florida as a conservative if you consider cutting taxes and spending as conservative.)

Speaking of Texas, Rick Perry's fourteen year record as Texas governor proved to be one of the most successful since the beginning of this century, and Texas has been a job producing machine as Texas philosophy of lower taxes and sensible regulations led to economic opportunities. Perry has been a leader of putting conservative ideas like reforming criminal laws which has allowed Texas to close three prisons while keeping crime rate low. (One reason for the low crime rate is that in Texas, citizens are allowed to carry concealed weapons, and law-abiding Texans have no hesitancy to use their weapons in self-defense.)

Bobby Jindal has not only been a two term governor but he was a legislator and at 24, he was the head of Louisiana University health care system so he has quite the full resume. Scott Walker has been instrumental in putting in needed reform in Wisconsin while dealing with some of nastiest opposition. If John Kasich runs and there is evidence that he will, he has a commendable record as governor of Ohio to go with a past legislative record as well as private sector experience.

Many view Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz as “inexperienced and young,” but remember, if any of these three win, they will only have two year less Senate experience than Hillary Clinton when they take their oath of office. Before ascending to the Senate, Rubio was a Florida legislator for nearly a decade, including being Speaker of the House. Cruz worked in the Bush Justice Department and on FTC plus he was solicitor General for Texas and argued before the Supreme Court. Paul is the least experience but again, his Senator experience is similar to Hillary, and his recent action on the NSA saw Congress reforming the law. So even these Senators can say they have resume as good, if not superior, to Hillary Clinton, and Lindsey Graham has a far more extensive Senate career than Hillary, plus he also has military experience as a reservist.

Even candidates often dismissed like Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum have a more impressive resume than Hillary Clinton. Huckabee has over a decade experience as a governor, and Santorum was congressman before being a two term Senator. Chris Christie is now in his second term as governor, and before that he was a district attorney. An intriguing candidate is Carly Fiorina who has never been a politician, having failed to win her Senate race in 2010, but she has executive experience and after she left HP, she worked with charities and on a CIA advisory board. Simply listen to her recent answer on how to deal with ISIS; it showed someone who has actually thought about the issues.

What can we conclude? That many Republican candidates are more qualified to be President than Hillary Clinton, the Democratic front runner.


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