Whoa: Here’s the Rand Paul America Needs

Man, when Trump is wrong, is he ever wrong.

He’s meeting today with Elliott Abrams, who’s being considered for Deputy Secretary of State.

So people voted for Trump, and they’re getting Jeb’s foreign policy.

Thankfully, Rand Paul isn’t taking it.

In an op-ed published Tuesday, he writes:

I hope against hope that the rumors are wrong and that President Donald Trump will not open the State Department door to the neocons. Crack the door to admit Elliott Abrams and the neocons will scurry in by the hundreds.

Neoconservative interventionists have had us at perpetual war for 25 years. While President Trump has repeatedly stated his belief that the Iraq War was a mistake, the neocons (all of them Never-Trumpers) continue to maintain that the Iraq and Libyan Wars were brilliant ideas. These are the same people who think we must blow up half the Middle East, then rebuild it and police it for decades.

They’re wrong and they should not be given a voice in this administration….

Nation building in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen has not and will not work. Mr. President please, please do not open the door to the people who sip lattes while sneering behind your back. They are bold enough to come begging for work while continuing to laugh and deride your every remark concerning foreign policy. Don’t let them in!

Nobody else in Washington is going to say that.

And yet it’s obvious, isn’t it? Hey, Mr. President, these guys ridiculed you and hate your guts, and they also oppose your positions on Iraq and Libya. Maybe you should consider not appointing them.

Yet only one man in Washington is saying it.

One sane man in a world of lunatics.

If you ever feel that way yourself, you’ll find refuge, and feel right at home, in my private group:



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