Why Obamacare needs to be Repealed!

A few years ago, I listen to a speech on health care where a speaker shocked the audience when he told them that the number of Canadians who are not covered by health insurance in their country would be the equivalent of 15 to 20 million Americans. Studies by MIT, the Cato Institute and the CBO have supported these numbers; so how do we declare health care a right when at minimal 5 to 10% of Americans would not see the benefit of the law on any given day?

Ask any economist what their definition of full employment in the United States is, and they will answer 4 to 5% simply because on any given day, someone is out looking for a job after quitting their job or being laid off, so the idea that on any given day everyone will be employed is an impossibility in real life. The idea of universal health care in which everyone is covered is as much an impossibility in real life as it is to ensure that every American can have a job or own their home. The attempt to expand home ownership simply resulted in the near collapse of the banking system as well as the housing market.

So the first goal that policy makers must deal with is that regardless of the system, there will be millions of Americans uncovered and the question is how to increase accessibility to the system while not bankrupting the healthcare system and the country. There are five realities about Obamacare:

  1. The cost of Obamacare will be a drag on the budget deficit. Originally, the Obama administration claimed their plan would reduce the budget deficit but they manipulated data to make this claim. The original estimate used ten year data in which only five or six years benefits being handed out with ten years of revenue paid in the system. Once data is put on an apple to apple comparison, the cost of Obamacare doubled. And that is a conservative estimate. Most government program's spending on entitlements have often exceeded government estimates. This plan will add more to the budget deficit, White House denial is not withstanding. 
  2. Obama promised that we would keep our insurance but between the CBO and other studies; we know that is bunk. Depending what study you accept, anywhere from 8 million to 30 millions of Americans will see their insurance changed or dropped. Again, these are conservative numbers and the actual number would be most likely worse. 
  3. The Supreme Court has already stated that the mandate penalties are taxes to be imposed on Americans. Economist Steve Moore estimated that majority of the mandate tax will fall on the Middle Class, so the promise that Obama made not to tax the Middle Class is down the toilet. There are at least 21 taxes in Obamacare and many reach into the pocket of the average American. Between the expiration of the Bush tax cuts and Obamacare, the middle class will be hit with the biggest tax increase in 2013 unless the tax system is changed, Bush tax cuts expanded and Obamacare repealed.  
  4. Some of those taxes will be on healthcare companies and member of the investor class, which will make health care innovation less likely and increase the cost of investing in America at a time where more investments are needed.  
  5. And there is no guarantee that we will get better healthcare. Considering that the Obama administration views the British as part of their model, one might examine what happens if you get seriously ill in Great Britain. Medical Journal Lancet noted that American Women diagnosed with Breast cancer are more likely to survive five years than British Women, and American men's survival rate from Prostate cancer are nearly doubled than their British counterpart.

If Congress and Obama stated from the beginning that Obamacare would increase the budget deficit, all Americans would see higher taxes, there would be a possibility of not keeping your current insurance, there would be government rationing of health care, and millions would still not be covered, this bill would have been rejected even by Democrats. The Democrats and Obama sold the American people on a health care reform based on false data and false hope.

Obamacare is going to make American health care more expensive but not better. Obamacare is nothing more than a mandatory health care tax to fund an inferior healthcare system. The question is what to do now. The first thing is to repeal Obamacare and start over. We need to dispense with the notion that we can cover every American any more we can guarantee every American a job. Once this is done, we can begin to build a better health care that gives patients more decisions in their care and this will by itself lower costs. Over the years, there have been numerous proposals to reform healthcare just as the use of health savings accounts, and reforms of Medicare that increases competition. These ideas have circulated around for the past two decades and Paul Ryan has already designed plans with Democrats to accomplish many of these goals with Medicare, so the Republicans do have ideas and better ideas than what Obama has given us. (Please spare me comments didn’t Heritage Foundation support the mandate? Yes, they did and they have long since rejected the idea long ago. A bad idea is a bad idea regardless of the source.) These ideas will be explored more in details, but the first thing is to recognize is that Obamacare is not the best way to approach health care for all the obvious reasons. It is too costly without improving healthcare. If you are a senior, your care will be rationed by government bureaucrats and yes, you will be subject to a board that will act as a defacto death panel. Call it a war on seniors. If you are a woman and have breast cancer, you will not live as long as with the present system. Call it a war on women. If you are man with prostate cancer, you will not live as long as with the present system. Call it a war on men. Obamacare can simply be described as a war on Americans.



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