Will Obama Voters Apologize?

As 2013 comes to an end, some 50 percent plus of Americans must ask themselves, "How did we vote for Obama twice?" While the elites consider Obama the most brilliant of American Presidents elected in our time, there is no doubt now that Obama is a more leftist version of Jimmy Carter: pure incompetence. The only thing Obama has demonstrated is that he can pick some of the sharpest political operatives who managed to get him elected, not once but twice, with the worst economic performance of any post World War II President. The problem is that Obama's political operatives are now off doing gigs at MSNBC or working for various political organizations just waiting for the next political crusade or waiting for Michelle when she decides that it is her turn to be our leader. I mean if Hillary can be considered a serious candidate for the Presidency, why not Michelle?

The quality that was seen in his political campaign is missing in running the country. As one pundit noted, “Amazon can run a website and when they send drones, they will send you gifts and merchandise. The Obama administration can’t even run a website and their drones tend to blow up at contact with the ground.” That sums up the mistake that is the Obama administration.

Obamacare is now showing itself to be a complete disaster, even more now that it was revealed that Obama outright lied about the effect on the policy for most Americans and his foreign policy is unraveling as our enemies are on the rise and our position is weaker than it was when Obama took office. What has helped Obama over the past five years is that much of the media has done a damn good job of covering up his failures, and most Americans simply don’t care about foreign affairs anymore, so his failures are completely ignored. When Americans woke up and found that the insurance policy they thought they had no longer existed and that our great leader may have fibbed when he told them, “Don’t worry, you can keep your insurance and your doctor too,” the romance that many had with Obama ceased to exist. After many years of a McDonald economy in which the rich continued to get richer while the Middle Class income keeps dropping, the number of the many Americans under the Obama spell has been reduced. Obamacare may be the straw that finally snaps the camel's back, and we can only hope.

In January of 2012, I recoiled at the thought of a President Romney, but now I wished he was the man in the White House and realize we could have done worse. While many conservatives are forever blaming him for the loss in 2012, they should look themselves in the mirror. In January of 2012, our conservative choices existed of Newt Gingrich who seems to reinvent himself every so many years, Rich Santorum whose last lost was an 18 point demolition, Michele Bachman, Herman Cain, a good man but not ready for prime time, and Ron Paul, whose appeal was limited to the libertarian side of the Republican Party. Solid conservatives like Mitch Daniels chose not to run, and the one conservative candidate who seemed capable of uniting various wings of the conservative movement, Tim Pawlenty, was eliminated early and abandoned by many conservatives because he was too boring for their taste. There was Rick Perry who had the right resume but when he ran for Presidency, it was obvious that he was not prepared for a national campaign. If you were a conservative in the Iowa caucus, it wasn’t like you had a lot of choices of conservatives who could actually win.

I actually got to like Mitt Romney as the campaign progressed and came to the conclusion that if elected, he would have proved to be a good President and certainly showed himself to be a good man. The problem was that he never realized, nor did those of us on the right, the rules of the campaign had changed. With early voting and a 24/7 news coverage, you had to be engaged early. While Romney was cleaning up Republican primary opponents, Team Obama was campaigning hard months in advance, if not a whole year on redefining Romney as some out of touch 1 per center who reminded voters of that boss they hated. Nor did many conservative groups do much to counter Obama's allies’ efforts to define Romney. nor did they build on the success of the 2010 elections. Much of the establishment seemed as content to diss their own supporters as they did to defeat Democrats.

Of course it didn’t hurt that team Obama was doing what they could to suppress and harass their political opponents with the IRS going after Romney donors or conservative groups. I sometimes believe we should simply put an asterisk on the 2012 elections for what is now a bundle of illegal activities that could have affected the election. Romney was slimed, and those Americans who didn’t vote for Obama can at least state to those who voted for him, “I told you so.” For many Americans, President Romney is starting to sound better than it did in November 2012.



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