Wimpy Women Trump Accusers

Any grown woman who has been the recipient of unwanted masculine advances should know how to graciously and quickly withdraw from such an advance and not permit it to continue. Grow up women!

All of the women crybabies parading their decades-old unverifiable alleged advances of Donald Trump are disgusting and are obviously Democrats. Their efforts to defeat Trump and elect a left-wing, corrupt, lying woman whose policies, if elected, will destroy America is despicable!

While I do not condone or excuse Trump’s private conversation eleven years ago about women,  that does not make me willing to not vote for Trump and let the pathological liar and left-wing Socialist, Hillary, take the White House and our constitutional protection away. Anything Trump has said or done, however undesirable, cannot compare to the Clinton corruption that will bring America to her knees for generations to come, if not forever. A vote for Trump is to preserve what little freedom we have left in America.

Trump’s pledge to protect our Freedom of Worship, Free Speech, Second Amendment, Control Illegal Immigration, Stop Syrian Refugee Resettlement, End Sanctuary Cities, Appoint Justices to Federal Courts and the Supreme Court in the mold of Scalia, Repeal Obamacare, Eliminate Common Core and Return Local Control of our schools, Oppose Abortion, Support our Law Enforcement Officers, Rebuild our Military, Care for our Veterans, Destroy ISIS, etc., is what we will lose if Hillary is elected.

What woman, in her right mind, would let her emotions against Trump sentence her children and grandchildren to federal regulations and control of their thoughts and actions by electing Hillary?

How does Obama for the Supreme Court or UN Secretary General sound to you if Hillary is elected President? NO? Then support Trump and help make America great again!


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