Would Hillary Look Good in Orange?

A major test for Obama’s Department of Justice is upon us since we have a Presidential candidate who is favored to win her nomination, and there is enough evidence that has enough fire to score at least one indictment. Obama’s Department of Justice has been one of the most corrupt when it comes to persecution. The IRS scandal and the infamous Fast and Furious scandal in which guns were allowed to get in the hands of Mexican drug cartels are exhibit one and two of this corruption. In both cases, no one ever lost their jobs or even been prosecuted. The IRS scandal was nothing more than a dagger aimed at the heart of democracy in which conservative groups were targeted and it may even be shown that conservative donors were audited in an effort to silent their opponents.

Now we have Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. This is not the only thing that should be investigated, but if one reviews the case against David Petraeus and contrasts that to Hillary Clinton, the case against Petraeus does not compare in scope when compared to Hillary Clinton when it comes to mishandling classified documents. Clinton not only set up her own server, but we now know that classified materials were sent over her server in numbers that dwarf Petraeus. The old saying that one could indict a ham sandwich can be applied here except you are indicting the whole hog. Her key assistants Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills also used her private server.

In the case of Huma Abedin, this is important since not only did she consult for private companies that may have connection to the Clintons, but her family had connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. When one considers the change in the Obama Administration's policies toward Egypt that allowed the Brotherhood to gain power, it would have been nice to see what Huma Abedin advised her boss, but we will never know since those emails are most likely destroyed.

Another is influence peddling, which there is enough evidence that suggest that a whole lot of influence peddling was occurring during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State. Robert Menendez was indicted because he aided a friend and donor on matters important to the donor. Obama's DOJ indicted Menendez just as he openly opposed both of Obama’s policy toward Cuba and Iran. (It should be pointed out that Harry Reid aided Menendez and somehow netted an extra 700,000 dollars for his Super Pac; so there is question of why he wasn’t indicted.)

Peter Schweizer in his book Clinton Cash showed how many foreign donors to the Clinton Foundation managed to get a favorable decision in their favor with Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State. While Schweizer will admit that there is no “direct evidence of quid for quo”, there is enough evidence for an investigation. There are no emails from Bill to Hillary saying something like, “Hey babe thanks for helping that donor to our foundation on his business,” but since at least 30,000 emails were destroyed and the server wiped clean. Any evidence of wrong doing has already been destroyed but as Menendez's indictment showed, you don’t need a quid for quo email and the evidence against Hillary is stronger than against Menendez.

The only way that this Department of Justice will investigate Hillary is if Obama wants another candidate to be the Democratic nominee like Joe Biden; then you can kiss Hillary's presidential run good-bye.

The destruction of the emails could be investigated for obstruction of justice so with Hillary, a good prosecutor has a smorgasbord of possible criminal wrongdoing to investigate, but that would require honest prosecutors and that is in short supply in the Obama era.


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