Your Move, Texas

Why the theme of “A Post Roe World” at this year’s North Texas March for Life? Because abortion advocates have convinced us that the end of Roe is near. They are fervently working to build firewalls in abortion friendly states, and have even tried to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment.

As you have heard, New York hopes to roll back the most modest protections for unborn babies and their moms. The radical legislation New York just celebrated claims to codify Roe into law but goes much further. Governor Cuomo bragged that the law is “the most aggressive abortion law in the country,” and it is.

The legislation, which would take effect in the event Roe v. Wade is struck down, would remove all criminal penalties (infants born alive, assaults on pregnant women, etc.), allow non-doctors (even midwives) to perform abortions and allow abortion on demand up to the moment of birth.

The legislation is a firewall, intended to protect abortion in the event of a change in the Supreme Court’s rulings on abortion. In Texas, we are working on a firewall of our own—a Trigger Ban. A Trigger Ban is a ban on abortion that would be triggered into effect when Roe crumbles or falls.

This proposed legislation would trigger new restrictions as the Supreme Court allows, without having to fight for new legislation in a special session. Big Abortion is fervently preparing for the fall of Roe. It is time pro-lifers prepared, and time Texas joined Louisiana, Mississippi, North Dakota and South Dakota with a smart, strategic firewall of our own – a Trigger Ban.

Note: Texans for Life Committee, Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops & Texas Alliance for Life have designated the Trigger Ban a top priority for the 86th Legislature which convened earlier this month. Do you know where your State Representative and State Senator stand on the issue? Now is the time to ask!


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