Put simply: We are for limited government that works. At TexasGOPVote, we will work as a watchdog to help our state lawmakers and our congressional delegation pull in the reins on unnecessary spending and government bureaucracy. You better believe we’ll expose politicians who seek to act outside the bounds set by the Forefathers in the Constitutions of Texas and the United States.
The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Texas announced a series of charges filed against 40 people in connection to methamphetamine trafficking. The charges include distribution of methamphetamine, unlawful...
When survivors make the difficult decision to come forward, they should be treated with dignity and respect. That’s the bare minimum, and it didn’t happen here.
I will celebrate Small Business Week by visiting small businesses around #TX24, testifying with a local small business in front of the Small Business Committee, and spotlighting small business in our community every day this...
I recently learned Lina Hidalgo, Adrian Garcia and Rodney Ellis might soon continue their attacks on local law enforcement through recommendations being pushed by a uber leftist consulting firm - PFM - brought in...
This mandate sets a dangerous precedent with regards not only to sensitive medical information but in controlling how privately owned businesses run their companies and hire and fire their employees.
On Saturday, I issued the following statement on the twentieth anniversary of 9/11.
The Senate has sent a loud, clear, and bipartisan message to President Biden: any nominee to the ATF must respect the Constitution and lawful gun ownership.
I applaud the Texas Legislature for passing SB1, Governor Abbott for signing it, and both for taking a strong step forward to better secure Texas’ elections.
The One-Stop Shop for small businesses will consolidate the resources necessary to navigate the seemingly never-ending web of bureaucratic red tape.
I recently sent a letter to Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Administrator Deanne Criswell asking her to delay the implementation of the new National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) rate-setting plan, Risk Rating 2....
We cannot continue to put forth federal policies that actively make it harder for Americans to survive and succeed.
The majority of folks who live and work in this community are vehemently opposed to this waste being stored in Andrews, and not a single elected official supports this decision.
It's usually the state suing the feds, but now the federal government is suing Texas for outlawing abortions after six weeks of pregnancy. 
Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed the Damon Allen Act into law on Monday to stop the release on personal bonds of suspects charged with violent offenses.
The lawsuit says the state enacted the law “in open defiance of the Constitution.”
As we remember those who lost their lives 20 years ago today, we also mourn the 2,448 American service members who gave their lives in Afghanistan and those additional 12 Marines and one Navy Corpsman a few weeks ago,...
As we look to the battlefields of tomorrow, the groundbreaking work from Wright-Patt will determine what capabilities we have and simultaneously, shape our systems for the future.
Lithuania is a strong NATO ally and stalwart defender of democracy in the face of authoritarian threats.
Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday announced a third special legislative session that will begin on Sept. 20 and tackle redistricting, restrictions on transgender student athletes and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
After a meeting between top UN officials and Taliban leaders on Sunday, including Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar - who is expected to be Afghanistan's next president, the Taliban said the UN has vowed to keep aid flowing to the...



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