Governor Perry Visits Houston for Pre-Election Kick Off Rally - "Don't let up! Race across the line"

Texas Governor Rick Perry with the Giant ArmadilloTexas Governor Rick Perry took to the stage at the Armadillo Palace in SW Houston in front of a large cheering crowd of very excited Republicans Monday with State Comptroller Susan B. Combs and Candidate for Texas Railroad Commissioner David Porter to send a rousing kickoff message to Houston voters.  The trio were introduced by Texas Republican Chairman Steve Munisteri.  Comptroller Combs praised Gov. Perry's leadership in keeping Texas as a busines friendly state, creating jobs and attracting new businesses.  She also described the Governor's leadership along the Texas border with the deployment of additional law enforcement manpower and equipment to make Texas  a safer place.

Gov. Perry was greeted with a resounding chant of "PERRY, PERRY, PERRY..." and responded to the crowd with a clear message of where Texas is under his leadership and where it will go with continued Republican leadership.  He challenged the room full of motivated candidates and volunteers to "not let up.  Run the race across the finish line!"

It was a great opportunity for people who have been working very hard, many for the past two years, to be in the position where we are today.  Ready to take our country back from the socialist Democrats who have been waging economic war on Texas with the Gulf drilling ban, NASA budget cutbacks and the government takeover of healthcare.

Watch the video for Perry's message and get yourself and your friends out to vote today (Nov. 2, Tue).


After the speech, the Governor spent quite a bit of time taking pictures and shaking hands with as many people as he could before heading out to his next event...   On to victory!

Governor Perry with TGV Blogger Bob PriceOn a personal note:(humor intended here folks)  The only thing wrong with the event was when the singer who was entertaining the crowd before the Governor arrived sang "The Eyes of Texas" just before the Aggie Governor walked in the door. That was just wrong!



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