Graham on Immigration on This Week ABC

Especially on climate change, Lindsey Graham seems to be living on a different planet than I (Well, he is: he’s in Washington – maybe he should drink bottled instead of local water). But when he senses crap, he doesn't pussyfoot about it. If you're going to do the typical reporter thing of trying to point out hypocrisy, you'd best have your facts clear.

McCain would still support a constructive way to deal with immigration. But, what he correctly acknowledged after the last failure was that he understood that the American people didn't trust them. Right. I didn't.

The bill contained language about securing and regulating the border. OK. But what that amounted to was saying, we haven’t enforced the law up to now, but we will if we pass this bill. McCain said, “I get it. We must show that we can fix the border first, before we can do these other things.” I don’t have a problem with them doing it all at the same time except that yes, it smells like bull. There are a lot of people very aggravated about our inattention to our own law, and that isn’t of itself unreasonable. It’s a terrible message to both citizens and immigrants that our law is a joke.

I don’t agree with all of the animosity toward immigrants, even when they avail themselves of services that America lays out there, many of which I don’t think especially the federal government should provide for anyone. But as with anyone I don’t fully agree with, I think we should focus on the things we can agree about. Respecting our own law, and having ordinarily respected borders are pretty basic matters.

See Senator Lindsey Graham on health care, immigration, and climate change.


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