Floor Speech on Department of Defense Civilian Employees

I wanted to share with you a floor speech I delivered questioning why Department of Defense civilian workers have not been allowed to go back to work.

On September 30, Congress passed and the President signed the ‘Pay Our Military Act’ which would ensure that uniformed military and civilian employees who support our Armed Forces would be paid in the event of a government shutdown.

As you are aware when the government shutdown occurred on Tuesday more than 8,700 people at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base were unnecessarily furloughed. I have sent letters to Secretary Hagel and President Obama asking them to provide clarification as to why they are ignoring the law and forcing these workers to stay at home. We have received no response to either inquiry.

I have now drafted a bill that would take any discretion away from the President and put all defense department civilian employees back to work. There is no reason why these hard working men and women that work to keep our country safe should be used as a bargaining chip in this budget showdown.

I encourage you to watch my speech and I want you to know I am going to keep pushing to get not only these defense department civilian employees back to work but also all government employees as soon as possible.


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