Having Fun as the World Ends

Most of my conservative friends view America as lost; I have decided to become the Happy Warrior. One reason begins with one reality; our opponents can easily be mocked. The real secret behind this group is that they are brilliant politicians, but they are some of the dumbest when it comes to policy. The funniest part is that these guys actually believe they are so much smarter the rest of us and don’t even comprehend how dumb they are being at times.

When Obama tells John Boehner, “Hey, we don’t have a spending problem,” my first thought was, “What a moron.” I am reminded of a joke that use to be said during the Nixon era and is constantly being updated. A 20-year-old oil worker, an elderly pastor, President Obama and Hillary Clinton are on a plane about to crash. It was discovered that there are only three parachutes, and Obama takes the first parachute and declares, “I am the President of the United States and I will take the first chute,” so off he goes. Hillary states, “I am the Secretary of State and a woman, plus I am the smartest person in America and I have an Ivy League degree to prove it,” so she takes the second chute and leaves the plane. The old Pastor looks sadly at the young 20-year-old and states, “I am old, so take the last chute.” The 20-year-old stares at the old man and then quips, “Hey Reverend, don’t worry, there are two chutes left.” The old Pastor looks confused and the young man finished, “You see, the smartest woman in America grabbed my backpack.” This sums up this administration as we see folks who view themselves superior to the rest of us as they institute policies that simply don’t make sense.

For the past four years, we have seen a recovery that is tepid at best and kept alive by an expansive Federal Reserve policy. Obama tells Boehner that all we have to do is restrain health care cost and voila, the budget deficit is cured. The reality is that as we are preparing to implement Obamacare, health care costs are going up, and we are no where near ready to put Obamcare in effect next year. Much of America is still skeptical about Obama’s number one legislation. So as healthcare continues to rise and many are starting to realize that Obamacare costs will rise greater than predicated, there is no way that Obamacare will lower healthcare costs. The only person who seems not to understand is the President.

Over the next four years, it will be good to have a sense of humor since there is one thing we have going for us. Obamanomics will not succeed over the long term, and we have an administration who simply doesn’t comprehend that it is leading America off the fiscal cliff, nor does it have a serious plan to restrain government spending. The recent attacks on the Second Amendment may be waking up a few Americans that we have an administration that either has little understanding of the Constitution or simply doesn’t care. With many New York gun owners simply refusing to allow registration of their guns, we are seeing civil disobedience on a large scale rarely seen in America. New York Governor Cuomo is turning law-abiding citizens into criminals for simply believing in their constitutional rights.

In the meantime, we can simply watch the hubris of the left as they call law abiding citizens Nazis for believing in the Constitution, marvel how far the ruling class has fallen, and chuckle at the silliness that substitutes for policy coming out of Washington. We understand the following truth: one can design a better economic plan by asking twenty people out of the phone book at random for their thoughts than what comes out of Washington. Be a happy warrior, for in politics, what goes around comes around.  The self-declared permanent majority often crumbles into sand when political mistakes are made, and this administration will make more than its fair share of mistakes.


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