Obama's Problem is Not his Incompetency!

The recent disaster in foreign affairs has put Obama's competency into question, and for many on both sides, Obama's failure is more about his incompetency as opposed to the results of his ideology. Democrats have an interest to show that the present mess in foreign affairs is the result of Obama's incompetency, particularly Hillary Clinton, who will run as the moderately competent Democrat, unlike the present occupant of the White House. There is no doubt about Obama's incompetency, but Republicans and conservatives should not allow the Democrats to get away with the line of argument that much of Obama's failure is due to his incompetency as opposed to his ideas.  

The mess in Obama’s foreign policy is a direct result of Obama's ideas and regardless of who was President, the ideas behind the policy are the problem. This means that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden have to be held accountable for the policy and its implementation when they make their presidential aspirations official.   

Clinton helped to design the policy, and while she will attempt to make the argument that she was often in disagreement with Obama, the reality is that the basic principles were supported by Hillary Clinton. The disaster that has ensued in Libya, where jihadist have taken over the government, was part of her policy design. Also, we cannot forget about Benghazi, where four Americans were killed as result of the policy initiated by Hillary Clinton. (Voters need to be reminded that Clinton and Obama lied about the cause of the attack. This shows how far both individuals were willing to go to protect their political prospect at the expense of truth.)  

Obama's ideology is the ideology of Clinton, Kerry and Warren, so regardless of who is President, we will still see a world in disarray.  Russians meddling in Ukraine had its origins in Clinton's “reset” policy with the Russians early in the Obama administration. The PowerLine blog sarcastically noted on a Hillary Clinton's book review of Henry Kissinger's World Order, “The review begins with this profound gem, ‘When Americans look around the world today, we see one crisis after another.’ When you see a lede like this, you can be sure you are in the presence of no ordinary mind.” As enemies of freedom are on the march, both Kerry and Clinton claim that climate change is the grand issue of our lifetime. This leaves one to ask, "What alternative universe do these foreign policy experts live in?" 

On domestic policies, a Clinton administration would not have been that much different, and while many have argued that Hillary would have been better at dealing with Congress, that is a debatable point. In her husband’s first administration, she often spoke for the more leftist forces, and her Hillary care was not much different than Obamacare. Also, the Clintons are not uncomfortable with using government agencies to go after their opponent, as I detailed in a past story about a 1996 Illinois Senate election. A FEC representative named Lois Lerner attempted to blackmail Republican Al Salvi into promising never to run for office again in exchange for dropping the charges of campaign finance violations, which would later be overturned by Federal court.  

Obama's economic policy has widened economic inequality, and many in the middle class have seen their income dropped during a recovery. More women live in poverty today than before Obama took office, and more Americans need food stamps than ever, and this is during a recovery. Obama's economic policy has been a disaster for many Americans, and there is no evidence to suggest that a Hillary Clinton administration would be any different in 2017. 

Obama is an incompetent president, but the real reason for his policies’ failures is not due to his incompetency but rather the result of his ideology. A Democrat running for President can’t expect to run from the results of Obama’s policies. 



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