Pete Sessions Statement on President Obama’s Visit to Texas

It’s fitting that President Obama kicked off his "jobs and opportunity" tour in Texas – the state that was rated first for business and second for average personal income growth. With low taxes and sensible regulations, Texas is a beacon for economic growth and opportunity.

Instead of following the path taken by his home state of Illinois that has a 9.5% unemployment rate, the President should recognize that our nation would benefit from following Texas as an economic model. Illinois’ policies of higher taxes and out-of-control government spending mirror the Obama Administration’s approach to the economy and have unsurprisingly led business-friendly states like Texas to far outpace them in job growth.

It’s time for the President to finally focus on much-needed job creation and projects like the Keystone XL Pipeline that will put thousands of Americans back to work. I hope that his visit to Texas will make him realize that pro-growth policies and prioritizing free-enterprise over government will reenergize our economy. I urge the President to return to Washington willing to work with House Republicans to remove government as a barrier to job growth and to give American families confidence for a brighter future.


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