Gunwalker and the Scandal that has Killed American and Mexican Law Enforcement Agents!

Imagine a Republican President had allowed illegal arms to go across the border and found that those same arms were used in crimes on federal officers on both sides of the border by drug cartels. How long would this President last, or at the very least, his Attorney General last?

In a recent testimony, an email has detailed an AFT program titled “Fast and Furious,” which allowed arms to be bought by Mexican Drug cartels and was known by the high level Justice Department. The program consisted of allowing individuals to buy guns and transport them across the Mexican borders so the AFT could trace how the guns came across the border. (Some have suspected that this was Obama's attempt to use the evidence of this sting to prove the point that the majority of guns used by the Mexican cartel was coming from the United States in order to pass more gun control legislation.)

If true, this could have ensnarled Attorney General Eric Holder, who has previously claimed that he knew nothing about the case. According to one email, there was a meeting on the progress report on the Fast and Furious program, which included the Assistant Attorney General, Acting Director of ATF, Administrator of the DEA and the FBI Director. Operation Fast and Furious, also known as “Gunwalker” was a multi-agency operation that allowed firearms to be purchased by straw buyers, buyers with clean criminal records who then passed the guns on to drug gangs. Most of gun purchases were small orders, but a few straw buyers bought hundreds of arms that went to the Mexican drug cartels.

For many ATF agents in the field, this ran counter to ATF training to allow guns to be purchased and allowed in the hands of drug gangsters. Roughly 2000 firearms ranging from pistols to AK semi-automatic rifles were smuggled into Mexico and without the knowledge of Mexican authorities. At a time when Mexican authorities are involved in a de facto civil war with Drug cartels, American federal agencies were allowing guns into the hands of drug cartels.

The question was why would government agencies be so careless? The goal was to see who the straw buyers were working with and bring down the whole network. The problem, beside the legality and the morality of the operation, is that federal agents were killed on both sides of the border. The Obama Administration has stated that 90 percent of all crime guns in Mexico came from the United States but there hasn't been any serious data to support the claim and some suspect that the Obama administration used this as a means to justify the claim. If this is even half true, then we are talking lawlessness in support of facts that don’t exist.

So far, this has yet to hit mainstream media, but if this is true that key Obama Administration members were involved in the transfer of 2000 arms that ended up in the hands of Mexican drug cartels and used in crimes including the murders of American federal agents and Mexican police officers, we may be talking felonies. We are talking a scandal worse than Watergate (especially in lieu of the fact no one was killed in Watergate). Many Mexican government officials are infuriated by the scandal, and while many in the mainstream media are unconcerned, these officials want justice and those American officials to face trials in Mexico. Don’t count on that happening.

The ATF acting director Kenneth Melson gave testimony to Representative Daniel Issa's Committee investigation and may have provided evidence on other senior officials in the Obama Administration.

There is no doubt that ATF was involved in a scandal that allowed firearms to be transported across the Mexican border without telling Mexican authorities, and those arms were used in crimes on both side of the border. So far no one has be indicted, much less fired, and Kenneth Melson looked like the fall guy, but it appears that when he appeared in front of the Issa committee, he sent a message that he was not yet ready to play the fall guy for others in the Administration. The media has shied away from this story, but this is a scandal that has cost brave Mexican and American law enforcement agents their lives and put cooperation of the Mexican government in jeopardy, if not our relations! This is a scandal that should end the era of Eric Holder, a man who has shown to be one of the worse Attorneys General, an Attorney General who has allowed politics to interfere with justice.

The story behind this scandal is the lawlessness that has infiltrated this Administration, and in the process, is bankrupting the bind that holds Americans and their government.


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