Hands Off Texas Rally

Texas GOP Vote is on the scene at the Hands Off Texas Rally in our state's capital.  The rally is intended to send a message to Barak Obama during his visit to Texas. That message: KEEP YOUR BIG GOVERNMENT HANDS OFF OF TEXAS!

Follow the rally events, from open to close, live here. One big question to keep in mind - Where is Bill White hiding while his president is in town?!?

5:40 pm (CST): Rebecca Cervera, candidate for Texas State Representative - District 41, opens the Hands Off Texas Rally with the singing of our National Anthem.  

In introducing Rebecca, the event's emcee, Lathan Watts remarks on the size of the crowd saying "if we have this many people coming out in August, then November will be even hotter!"

5:45 pm (CST): Lathan Watts says that Texas is the inconvenient truth for the Dems "showing that their ideology is failed."  He continues " all over the nation people are comparing the DC model of more government with the Texas mode of limited government and most people are saying "I'll take Texas!"


5:52 pm (CST): Chris Cavo, director of Young Americans For Prosperity, takes the stage. Chris says that the government is destroying our future opportunities for prosperity "People ask, 'why is Texas doing so well?' - We have no income tax, tort reform, limited government. Obama needs to look to Texas for national policies. People used to love Obama, he told folks what they wanted to hear. Reporters would pass out when he was near - it was political seduction!"


6:05 pm (CST): Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson takes the stage and discussion turns to "who's not here." Which of the Dems have "Ducked and taken cover from Obama's visit?" Patterson says "OBAMA" makes a nice acronym: One Big Ass Mistake America!"

6:14 pm (CST): GOP nominee for Railroad Commissioner, David Porter, takes the stage. Porter says that Obama and Pelosi are waging a de facto war on Texas.  The federal government is spending like a drunken sailor! It's spending our money, our kid's money, our grand-children's money, and our great, great, great, grand-children's money!

6:23 pm (CST): Dr. Donna Campbell, GOP nominee for U.S. Congressional district 25, takes the stage. "If Obama wants his hands on something, let him wrap his hands on policies that will strengthen the U.S. economy!" She continues, "Obama tells global leaders that America can't be tyhe engines that drive the global economy. He has made an emergency room doctor want to run for congress! Doggett is a lifelong politician who will leave DC a richer area but America poorer."

6:33 pm (CST): Radio and TV personality, Lisa Fritsch takes the stage "Keep your hands off texas! People go to California to do the dreaming, but they come to Texas to make those dreams come true, and while some people in Massachusetts dock their big yachts in Rhode Island they still elect the simple man who drives a pickup truck. As my big mama would say, the government has gotten too big for its britches. Every political party has its heroes and its villians, but let us do our best to pick those that embrace the conservative values for those are the american values, those are the texan values. And let us not let the government be our God."

6:41 pm CST: Former Texas Solicitor General, Ted Cruz takes the podium.  Cruz says that "as texans we stand up for liberty, we put everything on the line for texas. The policies obama wants for Texas is destroying it. It's Texas in the summertime. No one in their right mind is outside in this blazing heat unless it's for something bigger than ourselves. A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything away. The political pundits always talk about what the issue is. The issue is freedom. We are witnessing a great awakening that's sweeping across this nation. We are seeing millions of people standing up for liberty."

6:45 pm (CST): Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Steve Munisteri, tells the crowd to get ready for November!

6:47 pm (CST): Rally ends  


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