Harry Reid is Clueless on Republican Values - Preys on Hispanic Voters

While on the campaign trail on Tuesday Nevada Senator Harry Reid put his foot in his mouth...again. Reid targeted Hispanic voters stating, "I dont know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican." What Reid fails to understand is that the Hispanic culture shares most, if not all, of our core conservative values. Hispanics are overwhelminly pro-life, pro-family, fiscally conservative, and believe in hard work - not welfare!

Reid, a supporter of the Obama Administrations lawsuit against Arizona over SB1070, has a lot of nerve thinking that Hispanics are unable to think for themselves. Let any voter with an ounce of common sense do some research and they will find that the Republican Party supports conservative values. They will also find that the Democrats want to marginalize minorities to create a class of victims that is willing to show up at the polls...and at the welfare line. By portraying Hispanics as victims of the GOP, Reid hopes to wave the fastest growing voting bloc over to the Democrats so they can all stand under the big government umbrella. Of course, this isnt the first time Reid has pulled the race card.

Sheesh Harry, get a clue. Maybe TexasGOPVote blogger Adryana Boyne can educate you on why Hispanics are naturally Republican. Not because Hispanics are victims that will blindly follow, as Reid thinks they will, but because they are willing to take a stand for conservative values. Adryana Boynes speech, from the the Texas Republican Convention in June, sums it up nicely:


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