Have Fireworks Fallen Victim to the Nanny State?

In Iowa, you are not allowed to set up fireworks. The only fireworks shows are those sponsored by the local communities. As brilliant and awesome as they are, the monopoly of fireworks by local governments symbolizes of what has occurred over the past few years in which government has become master of much of the private economy. From banking, health care and even the auto industries, the federal government has extended its control beyond any ever experienced.


The elimination of private fireworks has been seen in many communities but it shows the nanny state in action. In New York City, the mayor just loves to tell New Yorkers what to eat and how many calories each hamburgers is. The mayor is just kill-job when it comes to eating out; something that New Yorkers love to do.


The argument against fireworks is that they are dangerous to children (and some adults as well) but then when one wants to eliminate some dangers, it is always about the children. Yes, fireworks are dangerous; so is riding a bike or for that matter, little league football. Life is full of risks but, I remember watching and/or lighting fireworks in the driveway or in the backyard and getting together as neighbors to grill hot dogs and hamburgers.


There were times that we'd go to visit my Uncle Russell, who lived on a farm where we could light fireworks and blow things up to our heart's content. The Fourth of July was a holiday to celebrate the American Revolution in which we threw off the yokes of King George III but, it seems somewhat hollow when we celebrate the fourth only through government sanctioned events. This is not to say that one can’t enjoy the explosions that light up the skies as the star spangled banner blares during the grand finale - and even from an artistic point of view, a city sponsored firework exhibit, that can be seen for miles, is a far greater display  than a driveway set up.


The real point is that on the one day that we are celebrating the American Revolution and our freedom, our freedom to celebrate is curtailed.


Beyond the fact that our so-called war on drugs is counterproductive and a complete waste of money, what about the right of adult citizens to be left alone--especially in the privacy of our
own homes.

We don't punish those who attempt suicide and survive.  So why do we punish those who consume the wrong (politically selected) recreational drugs?

I don't want my government attempting to protect me from myself.  I want my government to protect me from those who want to harm me against my will.

Today, our nanny-state government tells us which recreational drugs we may or may not consume.  (Note that Viagra is OK, but marijuana
is not).  Note that tobacco is OK, but marijuana is not.

Tomorrow, our nanny-state government will tell us which foods we may or may not eat.  For our own good and protection, of course.

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