With the Healthcare Reform Rush, Obama Admits He is Not Familiar With the Bill

While Obama’s healthcare legislation, H.R. 3200, has tanked to a disapproval rate of 50% across the nation, Obama is putting pressure on the U.S. House and Senate to quickly pass their versions of the bill before breaking for summer vacation at the end of July.

Meanwhile, a Bloomberg.com article explains that there is a hold-up due, in part, to “Democrats, who have majorities in each chamber, that have been stymied by squabbles within the party over the measure’s price tag and proposed new taxes.”

However, we Republicans know that there is a lot more reason to stall this bill than to instill even more taxes- the President does not appear to know a heck of a lot about his own "Obamacare" plan.

Obama hosted a conference call with leftist bloggers earlier this week, in which he urged them to pressure Congress to pass his healthcare plan as soon as possible. During this call, as reported by RealClearPolitics, a blogger from Maine asked Obama about Section 102 of the bill, which states the House health legislation would outlaw private insurance. The blogger asked, "Is this true? Will people be able to keep their insurance and will insurers be able to write new policies even though H.R. 3200 is passed?"- to which our very own president admitted, "You know, I have to say that I am not familiar with the provision you are talking about."

After just admitting that he is not familiar with the healthcare bill, Obama goes on to promise, “If you have health insurance, and you like it, and you have a doctor that you like, then you can keep it. Period.” Well which is it?!?! Yes- we can keep our existing health plans, but only if they can survive the wrath of Obamacare, which will slash and burn our preexisting healthcare plans with its slew of new regulations that our healthcare plans must conform to. And how can Obama even attempt to fulfill his promise to the U.S. public when he obviously has not even read through the bill himself?

As Senator John Cornyn has explained in a previous blog post, Congress must take more time to get healthcare reform right partly because "it seems like there's less concern in Washington about lowering health care costs than shifting those costs to the taxpayers."

Could Obamacare be yet another disguise for increased taxes? While there is so much still up in the air about H.R. 3200, one thing is for sure- unless Obama actually reads the bill and the Democrats in Congress stop forcing more and more taxes into this legislative proposal, there should be absolutely no rush on passing this healthcare  bill.


I believe the medical sector needs some reform. One area that concerns me is hospital billing for services rendered. I just had surgery for my hand and I also have two insurance policies. My primary insurance is with my employer insurance company and the secondary insurance in with Medicare. I receive a proforma Hospital bill in the Amount of $26,000. The insurance company Discounted the bill as Plan Saving which indicated to me that I have no obligation for that amount as the provided has contractually agreed to accept the reduction. Wow, They cut $14,000 off the proforma invoice. My concern what would of happen if I had no insurance, Would I be obligated for the $26,000 amount. The the hospitals are discounting the bills to insurance companies. Why not just do that across the board?

I for one here in Texas was forced into bankruptcy due to becoming disabled and having too many medical bills.  Even though I have health insurance, the premums are so high that I can barely afford the co-pays....sometimes I cannot.  Have you ever had to choose between medicine or food?  Consider yourself blessed if you have not.  It's really easy for people who have good health and can work to tell someone else to get a third job, but what about the disabled who are barely making it?  I am thankful for what I have and am surviving, but I for one am a registered Republican who supports health care reform.  Perhaps I should change my party affiliation.  I usually have conservative views favoring private business over big government, but we have reached a fiscal crossroads in this country.  I have struggled for years over healthcare.  We have a system that is becoming more and more expensive every year.  Doctors are being paid $$ by drug and other healthcare companies to prescribe their products for their patients.  Doctors will not make as much money, but I'm sure they won't have to choose between food or medicine like me.  If they no longer want to be a doctor, they can teach like I did.  Try looking at teacher's salaries under local and state control.  This has been true for years.  What makes a doctor any better than a teacher?   Change is needed and difficult for everyone to accept.  Change is desperately needed.  We need healthcare reform now.

I am against the Obama care for one good reason, Obama has not read it and second it is designed to turn the powers of the U.S. to foreign nations through the guise of health care reform.  Example is the Swine Flu false pandemic.  Who called for the pandemic but a world health organization.  Who profits from the pandemic, the world health organization and the drug companies it supports.  Who suffers, millions who will be receiving the toxic chemicas from mercury to squalene. Squalene caused the gulf war syndrome and other health problems that are being ignored.  However, the Swine flu vaccine is a million times more toxic as it has been nano sized.  Our health care IS NOT the best, it is only the best drug pushing deceiver on earth.  People believe that they are better with these drugs that block the symptoms but do NOTHING for the cause, and in fact the side effects are deadly and organ destroying, thus the increase in organ transplant business.  Everything the AMA does promotes drugs.  I have cheap health care and it is called WISDOM about natural health and not believing the lies I can eat whatever without consequences.  People are being lazy about their own health and they like the idea that they can selfishly gorge themselves with deceptive foods and then go get a drug that will block the symptoms of their ill choices.  It leads to costly health care,and people like it because they are told it is not their fault they are sick.  Everyone is a victim and the drug companies and doctors are their saviors.  In reality the AMA drug pushing ways  are murdering 100,000s each year admitted in Medical Journals. I assure you that is a very, very conservative number.  And the vaccines are causing a lot of health issues in children in adults from tumors, cancers to autism.  Health care in America has some good, but that "little" good hardly makes up for the TRUTH that cures are available and,  I would go to a hospital in Mexico before I would go in the U.S.  The example for every hospital is www.oasisofhope.com   Cancer cure rate is 80% and that is long past the five years that the AMA calls cured.  The AMA is a tool for drug companies and drug companies control all research.  There are cancer cures and we are being bamboozled by the AMA, FDA, and drug companies and Congress is hiding this truth to CYA as they take money from the drug companies.   I am 59 and I haven't been to a doctor since 1990 (retirement physical) and I don't fear any disease because I don't do what causes disease.  I also detoxifiy to get rid of the stuff I have no control over like air pollution and water pollution.   A clean and oxygenated and well nourished cell is healthy and that equals health throughout the body.  Our cells are full of God's Wisdom in the DNA and no man can rewrite that wisdom, men need to work with the wisdom and stop filling the body with toxic drugs for toxic illnesses.

Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge

My web site has many web sites that teach about natural health care.  Cancer is curable and so are all of the so called incurables.  You have been robbed by the worlds drug pushers.  

Get the knowledge and enjoy the rest of your life.  It takes work to change your life style, but it is worth changing what got you sick in the first place.  You are a victim only of lack of knowledge.   Take control of your own health. cfhsm.ws

All of these points were proven as BS almost 6 months ago now.  Open the bill and look at it, NONe of these things are therte.  YOU LIE!

I agree the people complaining about the cost of a physician should attempt to become educated. It is clear they have no conception what it takes mentally, physically, or monatarily to attend school for this long. They also have not a clue how much passion and drive it takes to finish. the type of people who complain would spend their time more wisely by enrolling and investing in an education

I don't know where you live or work, but my insurance premiums are perfectly reasonable, and my coverage is excellent.  So you comments are totaly bogus as far as I'm concerned.

In addtion, democrats are trying to push this as healthcare reform when it has absolutely nothing to do with the cost of healthcare.  This should be called what it is, insurance reform, because politicians decided they couldn't bite the hand that feeds them.

Furthermore, until laws are passed that force congress to be included in any laws they create, and make campaign contributions illegal, there will never be a law passed in this country that is truly for the good of its citizens.

I REALLY wish people, journalists, senators, congresspersons etc., would STOP telling me that I would not want options to my current health care plans.  I DO WANT OPTIONS.

Insurance companies are out of control.  Cost of treatment leaves millions - yes MILLIONS - in our country, unable to receive even basic treatment.  How would you feel if you could not get treated for even basic ailments because you could not afford it?

I WANT to see options.  And the comments about slashing and burning our pre-existing plans is total crap.  I am not big fan of Obama.  But I am even less of a fan or propaganda and assumptive representation that clearly fails those who would most benefit.

     As a current Med Student I suggest to you that you get another trade and up your game. If this reform passes every doctor in the country will go on strike for they already have enough money to do so. Especially if they are capable to have that "third house on the west coast". Then at that point who will be their to take care of your dying granny who suffers severly from arthritus? No one because we won't give a damn.
      As for the disabled, I'm do have sympathy but maybe you can write your congressmen and tell them how you feel. Maybe then they will give you more money for disability and spend less by not sending money to overseas countries everytime they have a disaster. What about the illegal immigrants who come over here and and scam the welfare? Face it, Americans are becoming jealous, lazy, and neglagent; whining and complaining just to make things accomodate the individual instead of as a team. I work two jobs and go to school and still make a 4.0 GPA. If I can do it, so can anyone else. Get over yourself. Life is not that bad. Stop trying to make people feel sorry for you. 
      Furthermore,what about these "Not so taleneted sports players and celebrities" who make 32 milion dollars a year and have no idea what it is like to struggle through 12+ years of school. Are you going to have the president create a reform that suggests the movie theatre or sports arena give you your money back everytime you are dissatisfied of how much you paid for a movie that did not meet your standards? or complain that you made a purchase on an overpriced ticket and a player on your favorite football team fumbled the ball and lost the game? What about the car you drive and how the CEO's of that car company managed to buy all new personal Jets last year? You going to get Obama to lower the price you pay on your car too? Think about it. 
     Since you seem to be so rich. Can I have your address? The reason I ask is because if this reform does go through I will know where to send my college bills. Thank you for being a trooper.   

I am a Health Insurance Agent in the individual market.  I do believe that we need health care reform.  However, I do not see anyone going about this process correctly.  This bill is going to create more problems than it will solve.  And leave many americans in a worse position when all is said and done.  It is usually assumed that insurance agents think that doctors are to blame for our health care problems.  I am not one of those agents.  Although I agree that they could charge lower rates for their services, it is our societys fault that they charge what they do.  I do not pretend to have the answers to correcting the Health Care System in this country.  However, until someone can come up with an idea that will not colapse our medicaid, medicare, and individual coverage, markets then they just need to step back and leave it be for a moment.  Things are always more effective if a deeper look is taken.  Don't put doctors, agents, and all other health care professionals out of work or in a position to struggle financially.  This will only make matters worse.



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