"Heart of Texas," The Movie

Here is a note from Texas State Senator Dan Patrick regarding his movie "Heart of Texas."

I wanted all of my friends to know that our Christian movie " Heart of Texas" made its national broadcast premier Saturday (March 13th) on TBN, Trinity Broadcast Network, that has over 15 million viewers nationally.  It will air again on April 7th at 1 am. Please consider sending out a note to everyone on your e-mail list to tune in to watch.

Depending on where they live they will have to check their local listing to see what cable channel, or over the air channel airs TBN. In Houston it's on Comcast channel 14. It is also channel 14 for over the air non cable.
This is a great opportunity for everyone who has not seen the film to see if for the first time, and hopefully order their own DVD at the end of the showing.
Thank you for sharing the news with your friends. I hope you will tune in as well.

You can order the movie here.


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