Here We Go Again—Becoming Entangled In Foreign Affairs!

Under Obama America is Moving More Rapidly Toward One-World Government

In this world, there is no end to civil strife, wars and tribal fighting . While sending mixed messages about why we injected ourselves into the Libyan conflict, it is obvious that getting rid of Gaddafi is the end plan. So, the United Nations was called upon to pass the resolution calling for a regime change in Libya. I wonder if the United Nations should one day decide that a regime change is needed in America, are we prepared to have the UN enforce a regime change in the USA?

From a constitutional perspective, America is in need of a regime change, but here that is done if enough voters recognize the need to change the regime at the ballot box. The change the voters fell far in 2008 was a big mistake, fueled by false promises and soaring rhetoric while pointing the blame at the Bush administration, much of it well-deserved. However, remember that the Democrats held the power in both houses of Congress from 2006 to 2010 when the Republicans took back the House, but left the Democrats in control of the Senate. The Bush administration foreign policy mission to democratize the world was a dangerous and unconstitutional policy and has led us into an unending war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now Obama has called on the UN and NATO, at our expense, to place the US behind a ‘kinetic’ military action in Libya where we have no idea who the rebels are.

What the heck is ‘kinetic military action’ anyway? A new name for undeclared war!

Why is it America’s business to go to war when America’s vital interest is not involved?

Why are we considering paying for arms for the rebels, who for all we know could be our enemies? The Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law may well become the ruling power and continue terrorism and assault on America the ‘Big Satan!'

If Gaddafi remains in office and there is no plan for a democratic government,  how long will we support a continuing civil war? Don’t arm the rebels! Get out of Libya now! Let the other nations fight this fight.

This president is abusing his executive authority every day in every respect. While we are taking military action around the world to bring freedom to those areas, we are rapidly losing our freedom here at home. This is happening through Obama’s presidential Executive Orders, his attempting to place more stringent Regulations on our individual liberty, incurring monumental trillion-dollar-deficits and ignoring the legislative branch of government.

So long as Obama goes to the UN for his nefarious causes, uses his Veto power over debt-reduction and Harry Reid’s Senate blocks constitutional legislation proposed by conservative Republicans, America is in dire peril of losing our freedom.



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