Hispanic Group Sues Texas Over Redistricting and Absurdly Alleges that Race is the only Reason People Should Use in Elections

Plus read this article to see what Hispanics like Adryana Boyne and African Americans like Pastor John Lawson have to say about why the Republican Party is the best Party for Hispanics and African Americans.

The new census numbers are in and Texas has to re-draw the maps.

As soon as the proposed maps start to come out you can find them here. According to the redistricting update conference call that I had with some high ranking legislators involved in redistricting, the first proposed map to come out will be the State Board of Education map. This map should come out in a week or so.

Not everyone is anticipating the upcoming redistricting. There are currently two lawsuits regarding the census numbers that will be used in Texas Redistricting. One lawsuit is by the Mexican American Legislative Caucus and the other is brought on by three Tea Party members.

The lawsuit brought on by the MALC claims that the census numbers should not be used in Texas redistricting because they say the census underestimates the Hispanic population in south Texas.

The lawsuit brought on by the Tea Party members states that, because the census numbers for Texas include a large number of illegal immigrants, this will cause voters from some districts with a large number of illegal immigrants to have basically more than one vote at the polling place and that would discriminate against the voters of a district with a small number of illegal immigrants.

Conclusion – Hispanics are not Undercounted or Under-Represented

I do not understand how the MALC can believe that Hispanics are undercounted when the census numbers include MILLIONS of non-voting illegals. Even if there was some undercounting of Hispanics in south Texas, the illegal Hispanics in south Texas WERE counted in the census and that actually causes the actual, legal Hispanic population to be over-counted in South Texas.

The Republican Party is the Party for Hispanics and Blacks

The most absurd part about the MALC lawsuit is the claim that Hispanics and blacks only vote in a block for Democrats. They state that “Anglos in Texas generally vote as a group, are politically cohesive and vote sufficiently as a block to defeat the preferred candidate of Latino and African American voters absent fair and equitable majority minority single member districts.”

That is crazy! I am an Anglo Republican and I supported several African American and Hispanic candidates in the recent elections. In fact, many predominately Anglo areas in Texas elected Republican Hispanic and African American representatives. For instance, I supported James White (African American) for State Rep and he was elected, and I also supported Bill Flores (Hispanic) for Congressman and he was elected too. Those two men are great Republicans who share my values and race has nothing to do with it. We have also in Texas an outstanding Hispanic woman, former Mayor of Highland Village Texas, a proven Leader, Dianne Costa who is considering running as a Republican in the new upcoming open congressional seat in North Texas.

On the flip side, not only do Anglos vote for Hispanics and African Americans, but African Americans and Hispanics also vote for Anglos!

Please listen to the message of Hispanic Adryana Boyne given at the Republican Convention in May 2010, and also read what young Hispanic Fernando Trevino has to say about breaking away from the Democrat Brainwashing he grew up with.

Also, watch this video to see African American Pastor John Lawson explain the "Civil Rights Industry" and "Why Black People Should Abandon Democratic Party."

People Should Vote Based on Values, Not Race

I, and the fellow Republicans that I know, do not base any votes on the race of the person running. We base the votes on the values of the person running. Do they want to kill unborn babies or want to give them a right to live? Do they want to keep spending our tax dollars or do they want to cut back government spending? Etc. I do not look at race and neither should anyone else. The claims made by the MALC are not only absurd, but they are also factually wrong. All the MALC does with their lawsuit is prove that THEY are the ones who use race in elections instead of voting for the person with the best values.

I wish that more people would vote based on values instead of race. If they did then most African Americans and Hispanics would vote Republican because most Hispanics and African Americans hold conservative values, not liberal Democrat values. The only reason why many Hispanics and African Americans have voted in a block for Democrats is because groups like MALC deceive them into believing that blindly voting for a Democrat is best for them, even if that Democrat does not even hold the conservative values of the voter. Republicans have to start fighting back against the lies from groups like MALC. We must reach out the minority groups and show them that we are the party to represent their values. There are already some people and organizations that have been working hard in doing this like Apostle Claver (African American) of Raging Elephants, Adryana Boyne (Hispanic) with VOCES Action and the people of the Latino National Republican Coaliton. The Republican Party might be in favor of protecting the border, respecting our Laws, and not allowing any person of any race to come in illegally in order protect our safety from people like this illegal immigrant Houston cop killer and also these illegal immigrant Houston cop killers. But wanting to protect our Borders aside, the Republican Party has many great Hispanics as leaders in the Party and we are not the party of only Anglos. We are the Party of all people. Hispanics and African Americans especially hold the same conservative values of the Republican Party and we welcome all people from all races to the Republican Party. Together we can stand for our conservative values against the attacks from the liberal left.

Related content: In this video, former Army Ranger and 2001 Houston Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year award winner, Alan Vera, emphasizes the concept that a Hispanic can be represented by a non-Hispanic, a black can be represented by a non-black, a white can be represented by a non white. He urges the members to consider creating three to five districts based upon community interests and not skin color.


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