House Passes Senate Changes To Health Care Bill 220-207

The House just Passed Senate changes to the Health Care Bill, 220-207. 32 Democrats and no Republicans voted for the final health care bill.

The House of Representatives just wrapped up the last of the changes to the Affordable Care Act. By a vote of 225-199, the House passed the rule to the reconciliation bill, which they also passed on Sunday. The Senate passed that bill this afternoon, but the Senate parliamentarian made two technical changes to parts of it that violated the Byrd rule. The House had to get the legislation back to pass it with those changes incorporated.
Finally, after a short debate, the House passed the final version of the bill, with the changes, by a count of 220-207.
The President will sign these changes to the Affordable Care Act next week. They include: closing the Medicare Part D donut hole, extending federal participation in the expansion of Medicaid to all states, a new Medicare payroll tax on the wealthy, delaying the excise tax, and sweeping legislation transforming the the federal student loan program, eliminating needless subsidies for banks and lenders and plowing $42 billion dollars into student grants and colleges.

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