Houston's KHOU - CBS 11 Raises Questions about Funding for Proposition 1 Campaign

Houston's KHOU (CBS 11) reports the money behind the scenes of Proposition 1 which voters will be asked to approve on the November 2nd ballot. It raises questions about the financing behind the campaign showing huge special interest engineering firms behind the program that will give them a blank check for the next 40 years from the City of Houston.

KHOU reports "One donation from the Houston Council of Engineering Companies PAC totaled $50,000." The KHOU report does not disclose that Renew Houston spent over $500,000 collecting the 22,000 signatures to put this proposition on the ballot.


The KHOU report shows the rapidly growing opposition to Proposition 1, citing HISD, church pastors and many members of Houston City Council. The prominent figure supporting Prop 1? Houston Mayor Anise Parker.  

Special interest groups are spending HUGE money to attempt to buy this blank check from the City of Houston. You can stop this explosive growth in city government by VOTING AGAINST PROPOSITION 1. Vote early!


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