I am not the federal government. I will not ignore the immigration issue.

During the last few months, I was quite outspoken about Arizona's SB 1070, writing a few articles on the law and actively participating in discussion about immigration with my peers. The number of positive comments I received when talking about SB 1070 did not amount to the griping and whining I heard from those against the law whether they were Arizona residents or not. All the complaining really made me give up on trying to make sense on the issue. Regardless of how I and other supporters of the law tried to reason with SB 1070 detractors, no one seemed satisfied with our answers or even seemed to take our thoughts into account. For the last few weeks, I began to ignore the immigration issue completely, turning my cheek to one of the nation's largest battles that closely affects the very places I grew up and currently live.

I realized by ignoring this issue, I was no better than Obama and his pals up in Washington. I am not the federal government. I will no longer ignore the illegal immigration battle.

In the past, when I referred to illegal immigrants leaving the country, I was by no means referring to the family who came here to escape violence in their home country or the mother who works long hours to feed her children. While I do not support amnesty under any circumstances, I understand people when they say that our country can't deport mass numbers of immigrants who work in our hard labor and hospitality industries.

How can people be pro-illegal immigration when there are drug cartels running through Mexico up all the way to Phoenix and human trafficking incidents leaving thousands of individuals dead each year?

I know that as Republicans, we are for protecting all lives. This should remain true when dealing with immigrants who may or may not be in the country legally. Securing our borders and enforcing immigration laws is necessary because we can prevent the death of thousands of individuals each year while ensuring that we keep our nation free from infiltrators.

This illegal immigration debate is anything but a partisan issue. It's no secret that members of all political parties are split on their support for SB 1070. And in all honesty, I can't say that it is the world's best piece of legislation, but it has sure done its job in sending a message to the rest of the nation that our battle with immigration should be one of Washington's top priorities.

The federal government suing Arizona is possibly one of the most irrational things that has happened under the Obama administration thus far (and we sure have a lot of things to choose from...). Arizona's economy is already deep in the red. Arizona has already been bailed out by the government. Naturally, and I say this dripping with sarcasm, the rational thing to do would be to rack up Arizona and America's debt even more by adding some lovely legal fees into the mix. This is comparable to a parent suing the child whom they are mostly financially responsible for.

While we all may not agree on SB 1070, I think everyone can agree that immigration policy in this country needs major reform in order to keep out those that want to endanger American citizens and let in those that are willing to put forth an effort to earn their livelihood in this country. In my opinion, I believe that SB 1070, though not yet enacted into law, has already gone above and beyond immigration policy for the sole reason that it has brought the travesty of inefficient immigration policy to our nation's attention.


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Why, as conservatives are we supporting a law that is against our principles such as preventing GOVT INTRUSION and preserving the CONSTITUTION.  Judge Andrew Napolitano on FOX said it himself the law is UNCONSTITUTIONAL as well as so many other consitutional law professors. The law is also a gross intrusion into our lives. We as Americans and Republicans should not tolerate a law that questions our citizenship within our borders.

For every hard luck story about a Mother trying to feed her kids or escape the violence there are 4 stories of criminal activity ranging from murder, rape & gaming the "system".  For decades Texans have paid for the illegal aliens housing subsidies; medical costs, education, welfare, etc.  And for decades we have heard the hard luck stories.  How about the single Mother that works 10 to 12 hours aday just to feed her kids, house her kids, pay their medical bills because unfortunately she is a citizen.  I am sick to death of the hard luck stories of the illegal aliens!  While all your pity goes towards to criminals-hardworking taxpayers are paying their way.  While a "citizen father" works for $15 hr, the studies have proven that the illegal alien is being paid $27 hr when you add in all the "extras" supplied by the taxpayers. 

Stop the abuse of the taxpayer and stop the victimization of the criminals. 

David Smith,
In answer to your condemnation of SB 1070 as to it's constitutionality; I've read many reports and editorials that the law is definitely constitutional because in part it outlaws profiling. Demanding identification during an interaction between law enforcement and the public is not profiling. I've produced this during every traffic stop in my life. Check out Mexicos' requirement where ANY immigrants id is checked during any interaction with a government official, police or public. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a phrase for amnesty. Border protection before reform, period. Phoenix has the highest kidnapping rate in the world second only to Mexico City.

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