I Am A Republican

Many people have asked me this question: Joey why are you a Conservative Republican when most Latinos identify themselves with the Democrat party? My answer is simple: Latinos moral and social values are conservative.

I am the grandson and great grandson of Mexican migrant workers that came to Texas in the mid to late 1800’s in search of a better life. I am an American of Mexican decent, and I am a proud Conservative Republican.

My family however, like many Latinos, used to identify with the Democrat party because the only Latino “leaders” they had to look up to until now have usually only promoted and imposed the ideology of legal and illegal Latinos being Victims in modern American society.

As a Latino my family instilled in me the sacred Christian values like the marriage between a man and a woman, and that all life begins in the womb. I learned the importance of abiding to all laws, and taking full responsibility for your own actions. My family showed me the importance of living within your means and supporting our families by earning an honest living.

I believe that we, not politicians, control our own destiny and that everyone in their lifetimes will struggle, but instead of turning to the government for support we should turn to our families, friends and most importantly to God.

I believe these values are the heart of the conservative ideology, and I challenge everyone to look at the Democrat voting record. You will see that they do not share these same conservative values.

I believe, trust, and have taken the vow to defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I have fought our enemies abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan, and now I vow to fight to restore the America that our great founders created. I am saddened to see how far we have allowed ourselves to stray from our founding documents and have also allowed our government to tell us how to live our own lives.

However, I am excited to take a stand and help elect Conservative Republican leaders like Rick Perry, Stephen Broden and other like minded conservatives to office so that we can reunite our country, repair our economy, and strengthen our borders and defense, while also protecting the value of human life. The time to act is now. That is why I am and will continue to be a Conservative Republican.


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Totally enjoyed this artical, Thsank YOU and others like you whom our debt to you can never be repaid.

Hon.Derek Townsend
Tomball City Councilperson Pos. 4

Thank you very much for your kind words. I hope to become a strong voice for not only Latinos but for anybody and everybody. We have alot of work to do and not alot of time to do it in, but i am confident that we can and will get the job done.  

Dear Mr Olivo,

Your article is awesome simple but it touches everyone and I hope all the Latinos in America read this article and understand your mindset and hopefully value your ideals and follow your foot steps. Great  Article.

Please keep posting more articles.

This is the most inspiring and hopeful blog! One of the best! I'm posting it on my networks! Thanks for making my evening.

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