If It Ain't Broke. . .

It might come as a surprise to some, but I have a tendency to read the opinions espoused by those on the left on various websites.

It isn't because I like to laugh at how ridiculous they sound at times or because I get a kick out of their extremely weak arguments (usually based on personal attacks)--it is because I like to see what their concerns are and how conservatism can, in many cases, address those concerns.

So it always amuses and confuses me when I find liberals here in Texas, not necessarily Democrats, but far-left liberals. What do they want from us? Texas is THE state, you can look on any "Top 10 Places for . . ." well ANYTHING and you'll find at least one Texas city on that list. Texas is so great that we are even the national leader in alternative energy, as we provide three times as much wind energy as any other state.

Texas is not perfect, but when you compare us to any other state, there is very little to complain about here. Yes, you can nitpick at our government here in Texas, but it is nothing like the criticisms you can offer up about states like California, New York, or Illinois. Every day that goes by is another day that Texas is positive proof that conservatism WORKS!

So why are there Texans who want to tear us down, who think that Texas needs to "change?" I have been reading of new "Code Pink," "Organizing for America," and "MoveOn.org" chapters springing up in this state, and I can't imagine what is possessing them to want to destroy sound fiscal policies that benefit those who want to work.

I understand their concerns that Texas is not as "open minded" (code for "accepting of liberal ideas ONLY") enough for these organizations, but would they really rather have a liberal state with a scarce job market, high unemployment, and budget deficits that will ultimately lead to all sorts of painful cuts for everyone? This is especially confusing considering that these liberals live in a conservative state that was the last into the national recession and will be the first out!

Many of these organizations have their sites set on "turning Texas blue!" What a scary proposition--especially since I am in college. I would like to live in a state that will have a viable and robust job market when I graduate . . . even if that means it's a "close minded" state like Texas.

I think this illustrates the biggest problem with many in our society nowadays. Too many feel they are entitled to "rights" that are really privileges, and too many are not appreciative of the opportunities that are available to them. As Thomas Jefferson said, "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself".

Texas was founded on hard work, and it is going to take some hard work from us conservatives to ensure that liberalism does not erode the freedom and sound fiscal policies that have made Texas the great state it is today. We cannot let Texas go the way of California or any other liberal state. And aside from being vocal, we can succeed by making sure that candidates who campaign by tearing down our state do not make it into office!

I am tired of hearing candidates, especially gubernatorial ones, who only speak about what is wrong with Texas. Why can't they just acknowledge that it is all nitpicking? Texas is in a much better position than any other state, and even our nation, so I would really appreciate it if liberals would stop campaigning against our state and start acknowledging that we are an exceptional state, even if they don't agree with the fact that conservatism has gotten us where we are today.


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