Dr. Hotze, President of Conservative Republicans of Texas, Supports the Texas Solution!

More than 10,000 delegates to the 2012 Republican Party of Texas Convention overwhelmingly adopted an immigration plank called The Texas Solution. I support The Texas Solution because the conservative Hispanic population needs to know that we’re the party of family values and economic success and that we’re the party that best represents their views.

Over the last eighteen years, we’ve maintained a Republican majority in our Texas Legislature. Praise God for those we’ve elected that had the good sense to reject over one hundred Arizona-style immigration bills. Texas dodged the bullets that caused economic disasters in Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama.

Arizona-style immigration laws not only backfire economically, they also convince Hispanic voters that Republicans want to deport their grandmothers, which is untrue. Most Hispanics were raised in the Catholic faith, like you and me, they’re pro-life and they believe in traditional marriage. They also believe in hard work, not welfare, and they agree with our platform.

Join me to help keep Texas red by supporting The Texas Solution at this year’s Texas Republican State Convention.


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