Hispanic Community Rejects Cuccinelli GOP Brand, Embraces Christie GOP Brand

The Cuccinelli model for Hispanic engagement and outreach is outdated and the manifestation of dinosaur politics. When Ken Cuccinelli doubled down on Arizona's mass deportation by attrition approach to illegal immigration by issuing a letter to one of Virginia's State Senators explaining that it was okay for officers of the law to ask anyone for their immigration status, it sent a shockwave through the Hispanic community in Virginia. Add a radio interview where Cuccinelli strangely commented on rat pest-control tactics and immigration, which was used in a Spanish advertising campaign entitled "What kind of person." After the blasting of this heavily edited commercial through the airwaves, the anger had reached a boiling point. Latino decisions, a national political polling firm, showed Cuccinelli polling at 29% in the Hispanic Community in Virginia, which places him in the same league as Romney, our GOP brand here in Texas.

Chris Christie, took home 51% of the Hispanic vote in New Jersey, a state which is supposed to be blue. When Governor George Bush ran for President in Texas he obtained 49% of the Hispanic vote. The difference is night and day when it comes to Christie and Cuccinelli. Christie speaks about educating all in New Jersey, distancing himself from the anti-immigrant, in-state tuition for illegals talking point that comes from the CIS, FAIR and NumersUSA political playbook. Christie publically embraces an earned pathway to citizenship. The Christie approach is not anything new to Texas.

Our Republican Party of Texas is in the process of shedding its Cuccinelli style approach to the Hispanic community, but it is far away from where it once stood when Governor Bush obtained record approval numbers. The greatest indicator of success will be when Texas Republican candidates can maneuver freely like Christie did in New Jersey during his campaign in messaging, policy proposals and returning to the conservatism of Bush and Reagan without fear of backlash. I am confident that we can merge Texas conservatism and the immigration issue into a winning combination. So far our GOP brand has been confusing to the Hispanic community. On one hand, we have elected officials still clinging on to the dinosaur politics of in state tuition for illegals which brands our GOP in a more Cuccinelli-like manner which leads to widespread rejection. Then on the other hand, we have had Governor Rick Perry saving our party's future by rejecting Arizona-style laws in Texas which rehabilitates our brand back to where it should be leading to acceptance. What matters overall is that Texas ends up in the right place, and as a conservative, you should push for our party to fulfill Reagan's vision for the Hispanic community.

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Too many pundits used the lazy approach for speculating Christie's potential for getting 2016 Hispanic votes as it applies to the 2013 NJ Exit Poll.
The data was there for the taking. They ASKED the question of the choice between Christie and Hillary Clinton for 2016. It was widely reported that Clinton was perferred 48% to 44% for Christie.
Did you want to write something informative about Christie's potential for Hispanic votes for 2016?

Did you ask for racial crosstab for the Christie/Clinton question?

Well here is the actual results:

Christie gets 33% vs 57% for Hillary.

It also seems there was a conspiracy of laziness to create a spin on Christie's difference at getting Hispanic votes as compared to Tea-Party Republicans.

Christie 33% compared to 29% for Cuccinelli - FOUR whole points!!

Republicans need to make sure they start looking for and using the best data available.

It seems I wasted by donation to Republicans in 2012 because Romney's team had Pollyanna polling that showed that they had a path to win. It was BS. The use of Christie versus Bouno as illustrative of Hispanic support is BS.

The Republicans won't get any more of my money until they prove their polling can be objective with modern methods.


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