Immigration Isn't America's Biggest Problem

I’m still a little astonished that one with no past or current demonstrated fidelity to constitutional/conservative principle is making such noise as a Republican presidential prospect. But clearly Donald Trump is mainly moving on tapping the reflexes of conservatives highly agitated about illegal immigration. I am also curious about thoughts on Ann Coulter. I'm still sorting a discussion yesterday about corporations bringing in cheaper foreign talent rather than using Americans. We didn't discuss that with major corporations we are talking about competition not just here, but globally. A CEO who is not maximizing profit and appeal to prospective investors will be short-lived for the board of directors and the stockholders.

Am I missing something or is the concern just nationalist allegiance? Along those lines, Coulter as she is wont to do, has fixated her droning now on immigration. EVERYTHING is immigration, and not even just illegal. Her current book of course is, Adios America. She says immigration is going to be the death of America. Untended borders and millions of unmonitored and uncontrolled foreign people in the country is indeed a big problem.

But big problems now abound in this society. And she is just wrong, Wrong, WRONG that it is immigration that is going to take down America. America's biggest threat, one already in the house with the kids tied up, and rifling through the rooms, is the ubiquitous alien culture of our own schools and media. In Christianity, it is said that you will not argue people to Christ. In your actions and friendship, introduce them to Christ and He will change their perspective.

In the same way, actions that illuminate and inspire people to again respect American Declaration and constitutional principle, will bring them to fix immigration and a lot of other problems. Certainly the biggest threat is not, to paraphrase what others have said, a force from without like immigration, but infidelity and weakness within. The problem is not immigrants and demographic threats. Immigrants especially can recognize the unique virtue of American principles of liberty and equality under the law. But people raised with its achievements at the same time as its virtues are consistently undermined, present a far larger challenge.

The problem is leftism. As to the principles of liberty constrained mainly by fundamental civic morality, leftism is an acid that will corrode every element of American civil structure. If America has yet another world-changing task before it, it will be to restore those lost basic and simple principles. I have to admit, I'm far from clear on how that can be done. But the biggest obstacle isn't THEM. It's US.


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