My name is Norman E. Adams. Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy is a coalition formed to offer a “sensible” solution to our immigration problem. Americans overwhelmingly oppose deportation of nonviolent immigrants. However, they all agree we must know who is entering the country and who is here!

Most people agree that a controlled flow of identified and taxed immigrant workers can be a good thing. A positive Identification of everyone will help us secure our borders and manage our labor needs.

In addition to securing our borders, Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy supports the following procedures:

  1. Replace our 1936 Social Security card with a 21st century photo ID card that cannot be counterfeited.
  2. Require every noncitizen within our borders to submit to a positive ID, including DNA, photo, and criminal background check.
  3. Anyone with a violent crime history should be deported.
  4. Noncitizens, once properly ID’d and deemed eligible, would pay a fine where appropriate and be issued a Legal Status, allowing them to work and travel.
  5. After ten years they could apply for Permanent Residency, provided they show ability to understand and speak English and have paid their fines and taxes. Only then would they be able to apply for citizenship, with "back of the line" provisions. 
  6. Noncitizens would only be allowed to work for employers that withhold and match taxes.
  7. There would be NO SHORTCUTS TO CITIZENSHIP, except for military service!
  8. Immigration quotas should be regulated on an as needed basis, with tax incentives for employers to hire citizens first.


Anti-immigrant rhetoric flows freely. “What part of illegal don’t you understand?” goes the mantra. Truly, there is a problem that needs fixing. But let’s use the brains God gave us to find a good solution. America needs these immigrant workers!

  1. TAXES. Illegal immigrants pay sales taxes on everything they buy. They pay property taxes on the homes they own or rent. Those hired as employees pay federal withholding, payroll taxes, and social security taxes. Why should we deport that tax revenue? We need to double it! Let’s ID and Tax all immigrants, not just those with a fake SS number!
  2. FERTILITY RATE. We need immigrants and their children!

a. The minimum birth rate to sustain a society is 2.1%, yet America's latest fertility rate is less than 2.1%!

b. Every year more American-born workers are retiring than are entering the workforce. This is especially true in lower skill trades.

c. Since Roe v. Wade, 39 years ago, we have aborted nearly sixty million “could-have-been” American-born workers!

d. It is simple math, we have more low skilled jobs than we have American-born workers “willing” to fill them.


Our Texas Legislature wisely chose not to follow the lead of states like Arizona, Georgia, and Alabama that adopted harsh enforcement-only statutes. Those states pushed the burden of immigration enforcement onto business owners, local law enforcement, and even school districts! They are now paying the price, both social and economic, and they are scrambling to undo the damage! Arizona Republican Senator Russell Pearce was just fired in a recall election. Alabama’s Governor Bentley is now recognizing the negative impacts of the enforcement-only laws he supported!

The Congress of the United States must address the emotional issues of the immigration debate and adopt sensible reforms. It is counterproductive for states to impose unfunded mandates on their citizens.

My fellow Americans, I pray you will be moved to consider what I have said and give it a fair hearing. I believe this is the right approach on principle and politics. America needs a sensible immigration policy. It cannot be “amnesty,” nor can it be “deportation.” We need an immigration solution that will unite Americans!

Proposed Resolution for the 2012 Texas Republican Platform

Stop Illegal Immigration

Texans resolve to urge Congress to develop an immigration policy that works!

Americans deserve a policy that effectively controls our borders, positively identifies all non-citizens, deports those with violent criminal records, and includes no short cuts to citizenship with the exception of military service.

Work visas for non-citizens should be issued only to those who submit to a positive ID process including criminal background check and agree to pay fines and penalty payroll taxes in excess of taxes paid by citizens.

Employers of non-citizens should be required to match those penalty payroll taxes as an incentive to hire U.S. citizens first!



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