Indian Illegal Immigration Rises Rapidly in US - Border Security is not about race or nationality

Illegal immigration from what Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) refers to as OTMs (Other than Mexican) has grown rapidly in the past ten years. One of the fastest growing numbers is illegal immigrants from India. In a 2008 San Jose Mercury News report, Indian illegal immigration was up by 125% to around 270,000 while the Pew Research Group estimated the numbers to be more like 400,000.

The Los Angeles Times reported earlier this month, Indians are now number 2 in terms of numbers of captured illegal aliens. They are number two to the total of all Hispanic illegal immigrants according to the report. This report states that most are released on their own recognizance or after posting a bond and allowed to then fly on to their destination.

I will be appearing on Houston's Fox 26 News tonight at 9 p.m (CST) to discuss this topic with Anchor Melinda Spaulding. You should be able to watch the interview live on the website. Fox 26 consistently provides balanced coverage of the immigration and border security issues facing our country and community. 

In South Texas the trend continues to expand with 650 Indians being captured just in South Texas during the last three months of 2010. Contrast that with a total of 99 Indians captured along the entire Southwestern US border for all of 2009.

The Times of India reported last year, an 64% increase in Indian illegals over the past decade. In overall numbers, Indians accounted for only two percent of illegal immigrants. Mexico (6.7 million) topped the list with 62 percent, followed by those from El Salvador (530,000), Guatemala (480,000), Honduras (320,000) and the Philippines (270,000). These numbers conflict with other reports showing India at over 400,000 as stated above. 

The efficiency of this travel pipeline is disturbing from a national security standpoint.  Allegedly these Indians are coming from poor communities yet they are able to pay up to $25,000 to be smuggled to the US. Where do they get that kind of money?

Also disturbing is the increasing numbers of middle eastern males with ties to terrorist organizations like Hezbollah. A radical Muslim Imam, Said Jaziri, was captured recently crossing the US/Mexico border in southern California. 

Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-NC) became concerned about this after members of Hezbollah were captured in North Carolina recently.

The Congresswoman has requested Homeland Security Janet Napolitano create a task force to investigate the activities of Hezbollah in Mexico and the United States. Congresswoman Myrick has more information on this topic on her website. As of this writing, Homeland Security has not responded to Ms. Myrick's request, nor my requests for comment on this matter.

Terrorists have entered the US from Mexico in the past and set up terrorist attacks in the United States. In 2007, the "Fort Dix Six" were arrested just prior to executing an attack in New Jersey.  Three of the six terrorists entered the US through Mexico.

A report from the House Committee on Homeland Security, chaired by Tomball Congressman Mike McCaul in 2006 cited the increasing frequency in which OTMs from 35 "special interest" countries known by DHS to harbor Islamic terrorists are entering the US. The report states that most of the "special interest" OTMs enter the US in the McAllen Sector in South Texas accounting for 88% of such trafficking. Robert Longley with summarized this study in a posting titled "Terrorists: 'The Other Illegal Immigrants".

Yesterday, the Pew Research Center issued a report stating "Public favors tougher border controls and a path to citizenship". This report also shows decreasing support for an end to US "Birthright Citizenship". Public support for the Arizona immigration law remains strong but is also decreasing.

Pew StudyAll of these reports support my long-held position that Border Security IS National Security and that illegal immigration is not about race or nationality. It is about our national immigration policies. Currently we make it way too difficult for hard working people who want a better life for themselves to come to American. Alternatively, we make it VERY EASY for anyone who would come here to do us harm. We must secure our border and reform our broken immigration system immediately. This should be a top priority for Conservatives in the new Republican controlled House of Representatives.


SOme of the numbers are contradicting within the article, why don't a simple table be shown with actual numbers and %

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We are not concerned about the race, Nationality, creed or colour but we need to take immediate and effective steps without any other consideration to stop illegal immigration as it is a great threat to the national security. The USA should take step to search every nook and korner to make sure that the illegal immigrants are deported and make safe our country.  No more arguments from anyone but implement tough measyre to put an end to illegal immigration.

No matter what if it is Hispanic, Pakistani, Indian, Arabs or whatever it may be. and dont take any intention to bring the Libyans to this country for political assullam as it will be a a great threat after some times.

No more mexicans, or anyone else. Most do not deserve to be here, they are criminals. NO MORE, of any age from anywhere. Prison to all violators, no execption, have all illegas caught placed on a chain gang, to build a real wall between TEXAS, USA and MEXICO. NO benifits for any illegals. only prison. PEROID.

You mentioned the need for improved border security and I do not dispute that. However, to reduce the attempted illegal border crossings and visa overstays, we need to make it all but impossible to make a living in the US without work authorization. E-verify is a good first step, but it does not stop identity theft, however, a biometric social security/ID card does because fingerprints do not lie.
Those who oppose a biometric card and have "Big Brother" concerns should 1) stop using the internet because every keystroke, every search you do on your computer is registered forever and can be recreated, 2) stop using credit cards because what is more revealing than your credit card purchases. Large parts of your whole existence is reflected in when, how and where you use your credit cards.
A winning immigration reform formula for 2011 looks like this:
Improved border security wherever needed, mandatory E-verify for all businesses in exchange for swift legalization of the otherwise law-abiding illegal immigrants and an improved guest worker program.

yes and you need to go back to school and learn how to read and write. Maybe if Republicans would quit funneling money into chasing Mexicans they would not have cheated you of an education.

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