Jorge Ramos Receives Award as the Most Influential Journalist in America and Encourages All: "We Have to Take a Stand"

This past Tuesday the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) — an independent, nonprofit organization that promotes press freedom worldwide—gave an award to the most influential journalist in America, Jorge Ramos. The award is called the Burton Benjamin Memorial Award, given for "lifetime achievement in defending press freedom."

After receiving the award, Ramos gave an inspiring speech and also dedicated his award to all of the journalists who have died in Syria and Mexico, including two U.S. journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff. I wholeheartedly congratulate Mr. Ramos for this award and the recognition he certainly deserves.

Jorge Ramos is the Univision News and Fusion anchor and a best-selling author. I have read many of his books, which are terrific narrations of what he has seen as a journalist.

As most of you know, I am a conservative Hispanic and an immigrant. Some of you, especially my fellow conservatives, may wonder how can I speak so highly of someone who does not necessarily agree with me on my conservative point of view on public policy and other issues. I do not need to agree with everything in order to acknowledge, respect and recognize someone for their outstanding, professional, and relevant work. The respect that I have received from Mr. Ramos every time he invites me to participate on his show, or to interview me, and the opportunity that he gives me to share my conservative point of view is invaluable. On his show and interviews, I have been able to stress the need to educate the Hispanic community on limited government, free market, the Constitution, 2nd amendment rights, taking a strong stand for protecting the life of the unborn, opposing amnesty, securing our borders, etc. I firmly oppose Obamacare, and I support our Republican legislators and candidates (most of the time). I have openly exposed the IRS and promoted photo voter ID. Mr. Ramos, Univision and many other Spanish speaking media have given me the opportunity to make my voice heard among the very community that needs to hear the message.

For those few who are not as familiar with Ramos as I am, let me tell you, he is highly known and respected worldwide. He is outspoken and has confronted high-profile world leaders including President Obama and Venezuela's former Dicta... (oops!) ..."President" Hugo Chavez on their false promises. Ramos welcomes people from the left, from the right, and from the center. Univision has a larger audience during prime time than FOX, NBC and CBS. The young people in America listen to Univision, and yes, in Spanish! Like it or not, it is a fact, and I hope you, all my conservative friends, can remember this fact, because it is an IMPORTANT one. (His closest Spanish competition is Telemundo and they are getting there with high ratings as well.) Below is the video of Ramos' acceptance speech so that you can listen to it.


Jorge Ramos and I have somewhat similar backgrounds: we both came from Mexico as immigrants. He came from Mexico City and I came from Puebla, a state down south of the capital. Neither one of us came to America with our parents "crossing the river." We did not come here because we were in need of getting food, shelter, free healthcare or free education. We both had all that and pretty comfortable lives back home. (Both of us attended the best private schools in Mexico. Then, Ramos graduated from a top university Universidad Iberoamericana and I attended a private college in the U.S.) But the real reason both of us came here was for FREEDOM and opportunity.

"Let me tell you what it means for me to be a journalist and to be an immigrant," Ramos included. "This defines me. I came to the U.S. after they tried to censor me in Mexico. So this country gave me the opportunities that my country of origin couldn’t give me. And, of course, when it comes to immigration, I take a stand."

Ramos has taken his stand one way and I have taken mine another way. They are different stands, but we both agree on one issue: we want a solution for the illegal immigration problem in America, and we both care deeply for America and for the lives of those families who are suffering. We both also know that President Obama has made false promises, and we both know the situation could have been resolved if Congress had worked together. We hope they can do that.

This is America, and there is freedom to take a stand. We have opportunities to make our voice known. Those who do not like where Ramos stands should not attack him but instead take their own stand. Ramos also added, "When we deal with the powerful, we have to take a stand. I’m a reporter, I don’t want to be your friend. And trust me, you don't want to be my friend."

He may be right from the professional point of view: those who disagree with each other do not necessarily call each other "friend," but I have to say, I don't need to agree with Ramos in order for me to offer my friendship to him. He has it. And I am proud to call Jorge Ramos "Mi AMIGO" and to sincerely say, "Enhorabuena Jorge!"

The important thing to remember is to take a stand. I have taken mine. Ramos has taken is. Have you taken yours?

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