Obama Promise to Hispanics - You are Number 2 if I am Re-elected - How many times can he tell this lie?

Obama on the Hot Seat with UnivisionPresident Obama told the Des Moines Register (where I always go to make my immigration announcements) that Immigration Reform is his biggest "long-term" priority for a second term. That really is a "long-term" priority since in 2008 he said it would be passed during his first year in office. President Obama is really starting to look like Lucy pulling the immigration reform football out from under Charlie Brown. How many times will Americans fall for this?  Does he really think Hispanics are that stupid?

In 2009, Obama had a lock on the House where he could pass any legislation he wanted. He had a supermajority in the Senate where he could pass anything he wanted without a single Republican vote. The proof, you ask? He passed ObamaCare without one single Republican Vote. He passed "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" with the military without Republican support. He could have passed Immigration Reform - but he didn't even introduce a bill.

Yesterday, VOCES Action National Director and TexasGOPVote blogger, Adryana Boyne, posted about a meeting with Univision's Jorge Ramos and praised him for challenging President Obama on his broken promise.  He also held the President's feet to the fire for the thousands of Mexican nationals who have been killed by the Obama Administration's Fast and Furious Program.

What the President did finally do though was to create an illegal, temporary guest-worker program that will get hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to come forward and document themselves.  Because this program has no protections in the law, as it wasn't created by law, he can change it or reverse it anytime he wants, but he will have your information then. Are you felling all warm and comfortable yet?  Instead of a deferred action program, this program should be called a deferred hope program.

Interestingly, as of October 10th, only 4,600 of the 180,000 applicants have been approved by program administrators. Also interesting, not one single applicant has been turned down.  

The Republican Party of Texas has proposed a better plan through "The Texas Solution" plank of this year's state party platform. The plan calls for creating a program where guest workers would be checked out by law enforcement, be issued a guest-worker card that could not be duplicated and would track the immigration through their employment. It also calls for only allowing immigrants to work for employers who properly classify them as employees and deduct and match federal taxes. This would help stop the current employee misclassification where people are illegally worked as independent contractors depriving the state and federal government of much needed tax payments. It also serves as a vehicle for avoiding child support payments which increases our welfare and food stamp rolls.

It is time for us to have a proper discussion about immigration reform. Obama has already proven he is not capable of developing any kind of bi-partisan program and that is what will be required to pass any reform legislation. But then, he could always just pull away the football again!

An interesting item is, Obama initially made his statement to the Des Moines Register off the record while he was trying to gain their endorsement. You must ask yourself, why would he want that promise to be kept off the record?


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