An Open Letter to Senator Ted Cruz

Dear Senator Cruz:

Thank you for your unwavering opposition to “out of control” budgets and Obamacare!

I have been a Pro-Life Republican since I was 18 years old. I support gun rights, tort reform, less government, and tax incentives to grow business. I have been blessed as an insurance agent for nearly 50 years. I deal with hundreds of employers who are hiring employees every day. My clients are hard working, honest Americans, and they do their best to follow the laws of our country.

Senator, our immigration laws are broken. Since 1986 the Department of Labor I-9 law requires “if the identification looks to be legitimate,” and the applicant otherwise qualifies, the applicant must be hired. If an employer refuses to hire because he or she suspects the applicant is illegal, the EEOC considers such suspicion to be discrimination and has and will prosecute. Good faith employers receive “no-match” letters from the Social Security Administration when Social Security numbers do not match the name. No-match letters from the Social Security Administration specifically prohibit an employer from firing the worker. Yet, in 2010, Homeland Security issued a bulletin that says “if an employer receives a no-match letter, the letter will be considered constructive knowledge.” Bottom line, Senator, good faith employers who are attempting to follow our immigration laws are caught in the middle!

When I hear you label Speaker Boehner’s proposal as amnesty, and you refer to the “rule of law,” it infuriates me. Our immigration laws do not work. They must be replaced! Obamacare is the law, but I think you agree it should be abolished and replaced. Roe v Wade is the law. I know you agree it should be abolished. At one time slavery was legal. Black people could be bought and sold like cattle. Thank God we eliminated such laws.

Evidently you are listening to FAIR, NumbersUSA, and Center for Immigration Studies. Senator, the people behind these organizations are not our friends. They are Planned Parenthood presidents, zero population advocates, and white supremacists. They are funded with big money - some of the same family foundations that funded Margaret Zanger. Adolf Hitler would be very proud of their supremacy position. These people are opposed to all immigration, legal and illegal, and they want all the abortions they can get in minority neighborhoods.

I have invested a good bit of time and expense researching the people who run FAIR, NumbersUSA, and CIS. We have summarized the facts in a five part series we call “Spies in the Camp.” A copy is enclosed. I think you will appreciate the detailed documentation of the facts presented. Please read the enclosed “Spies in the Camp” or ask members of your staff to do so. Please do not accept contributions or advice from these people.

You are criticizing immigration reform that Congressman Ted Poe and Speaker John Boehner and many others have been working on for months. They did not simply pull it out of the air.Their proposed reform is very similar to what was adopted at the last Texas Republican Convention, which you attended in Ft. Worth. You should know that 75% of our delegates overwhelmingly approved what is known as The Texas Solution. It calls for securing the border, and it does not delay implementation of a guest worker program!

The Texas Solution includes:
Modernizing our 1936 Social Security card;
Criminal background check of anyone in this country illegally;
Establishment of a guest worker program with positive ID for guest workers;

It also requires guest workers to work only employers that deduct and match taxes.

Senator, you are representing Texas Republicans. You should be promoting the House proposal because it is so similar to what our Texas Convention delegates asked you to do. I would be happy to meet with members of your staff or you at your convenience if you wish to discuss any of these issues. It is my prayer that you will separate yourself from anyone associated with FAIR, NumbersUSA, or CIS. If you want advice on immigration reform, your Texas Republican delegates have drafted it. It is called The Texas Solution.

If you have read this far, God bless you for listening. I hope you follow through.

Sincerely yours,

Norman E. Adams Co-founder Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy [email protected]


The Texas Solution "does not delay implementation of a guest worker program" -- and that is precisely what is wrong with the Texas Solution.

Guest worker programs are not a good idea because they cast workers into a second-class citizen status and put their fate into their employers' hands, creating an opportunity to exploit them. It also encourages employers to turn full-time jobs into temporary ones at reduced wages and diminished working conditions -- something we're already seeing as a result of Obamacare.

To see why guest worker programs are not a good idea, we need look no further than the example set by Germany, the fourth best economy in the world.  In response to a labor shortage prompted by economic recovery, Germany signed a series of bilateral recruitment agreements, first with Italy in 1955, then with Spain (1960), Greece (1960), Turkey (1961), Portugal (1964), and Yugoslavia (1968).  The core of these agreements included the recruitment of Gastarbeiter (guest workers), almost exclusively in the industrial sector, for jobs that required few qualifications.  Under the so-called rotation principle, mostly male migrants entered Germany for a period of one to two years and were then required to return home to make room for other guest workers.  This policy had a double rationale: preventing settlement and exposing to industrial work the largest possible number of workers from sending countries.

Guest workers, unlike ordinary immigrants, were admitted under special jobs programs, and at least under the original plans, had no prospects of becoming citizens or permanent residents. Germany, like other European countries, at first refused even to allow them to bring families, hoping to discourage them from trying to put down roots. Later, Germany granted work stays of up to five years, and permitted wives and children to come along.  Legal workers were followed by waves of family members and illegal immigrants.  Sound familiar?

For decades, there were no efforts to integrate the newcomers. They were entitled to social benefits, but not citizenship. Their children could attend schools, but little effort was made to give them language skills. Many of the first generation of workers bought houses or established small businesses, although usually confining themselves to immigrant enclaves. Their German-born children were registered as "foreigners." They often spend years or even decades resolving their legal status.  And, while Germany (and many other European governments) failed to seriously pursue integration, many immigrants were equally unwilling to shed their own languages and national identities.  Sound familiar?

Many of the original guest workers are now retired, enjoying the comfortable pensions that are the pride of Europe. But their children and their grandchildren are trapped between two worlds, too Europeanized ever to return to the Middle East or North Africa, but lacking the language skills and education to forge ahead in their new countries.  The parents took jobs that Germans didn’t want — and most of that first generation did all right.  But the young people toay don’t even get the bad jobs.  How are they to climb the social ladder when they can't even grab the bottom rung?

The biggest security threat is not knowing who is here. If we delay the guest worker program which requires criminal check and positive ID of everyone here illegally until the border is “secure,” we will never find out who is here. Nothing but a continuation of what we have!


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