Republican Party to Adopt Guest Worker Program in National Platform - The Texas Solution Goes National

Earlier this summer, the Republican Party of Texas took a bold step in leadership on the issue of immigration reform with the adoption of what has become known as "The Texas Solution". One of the key planks of The Texas Solution is an effective guest worker program which will help businesses in finding legal workers for their employment needs. Yesterday, in Tampa, Florida, the platform committee of the Republican National Convention followed Texas' lead and included a guest worker program in the platform document to be approved by the convention body next week.

Brad Bailey, co-founder and CEO of The Texas Immigration Solution, was one of many people involved in getting The Texas Solution adopted by the delegates of the Republican Party of Texas in July. Since then, he has been working nationally to prepare for this moment where Republicans can take a leadership role in finding real solutions to our broken immigration system. Bailey said from Tampa yesterday, "We now have two immigration platforms that our elected officials can run toward, versus running from."  He continued, "We have given our leaders the opportunity to listen to American business owners and American farmers and finally address our nation's broken immigration policy with conservative free-market solutions."

Reaction to the announcement has been swift. The Huffington Post, Latino Politics section said, "Republican Party platform drafters agreed to include language calling for a foreign guest worker program that could provide more American Businesses with a font of legal and willing employees."

Bailey told the Huffington Post, "In our party it (immigration reform) has become a third rail political issue. The rhetoric around immigration has just grown so intense that people are plain afraid to talk about it. I consider everything that happened today to be progress."

The Texas Solution Founder with Republican National Convention Platform Chairman, Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, and Anthony Vargas meet outside the Platform Committee meeing in Tampa, Florida.

The NationalJournal in its "The Next America" section said, "Republicans are attempting to balance their party's disparate opinions on immigration  by taking a tough stance on illegal immigrants in the United States while at the same time calling for a new temporary foreign worker program."

The new plank in the platform calls for a "legal and reliable source of foreign labor through a new guest-worker program."  The Texas Solution in the Texas Republican Platform details out what that guest worker program should look like.

Bailey told NationalJournal, "Complaining about the problem is no longer working.  Republicans need to lead in repairing our nation's immigration policy."

Hispanic voters are considered to be a key element in determining who will be President of the United States after January of next year. This platform plank should send a message that Republicans are willing to move toward finding a real solution to our immigration problem while also assisting business owners who must deal with an ever increasing shortage of people willing to do manual labor jobs.

Congratulations to everyone who helped make The Texas Solution possible on the state level and to those who have now demonstrated that Republicans are serious about looking for real solutions to our broken system of immigration.


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