Republican Women Stand Their Ground!

It’s no secret that the Democrats have painted a huge target on our state to turn TEXAS Blue.  Money is pouring in to support the most radical of candidates against our representatives, state and federal.  So it’s not a coincidence that the radical Left is taking aim at RED counties. One such county is Comal County.

The regular general meeting of the Bulverde Area Republican women scheduled their meeting for August 12, 2019, at the usual place with Jim Gibson of the Texas Border Volunteers as guest speaker.  Just moments after members received their invitation, the radical Left began spitting fire.   They flooded the business with phone calls and emails, “promising mass disruption.” In a meeting with top executives and the head of the Compliance Division, and BAR-W president, Kaci Sisk, the decision was made to cancel the meeting at the original venue.  President Sisk was not asked to cancel, she made the decision based on common sense and respect.  The safety of the club members and the relationship with the local business took precedence.  

Not to be deterred the venue was changed.  This is an excerpt of the email that was sent out to members the day of the meeting.

Dear Bar-W Members,

I'm glad you are attending the meeting tonight!  Our venue hosts are welcoming us with open arms and are excited to have us in their facility. 

Our venue for tonight is: Buck and Doe’s Mercantile on US 281N

PLEASE DO NOT REVEAL LOCATION. I have a plan to do so, and it depends heavily on timing. Plus, we don't want our hosts to have unwelcome visitors before we even get there. THANK YOU!

Democrats, Living Blue in Comal County just THOUGHT they shut down the meeting…they DID NOT! These jealous radical Democrats don’t understand that Comal County is a RED County and will fight to keep it RED.   Their claim to fame is that they “Shut down HATE” when in essence the Comal County Democrats promote hate and vitriol that borders on violence.  They should take the time to find out exactly what the Texas Border Volunteers actually do.  They are men and women dedicated to keeping our state safe by following the laws of the state and the nation.  There is no HATE involved.  

Owners Rex and Grayson Majors of Buck & Doe’s Mercantile provided the venue so that the meeting was held without incident.  Each member was welcomed by employees Ron and Don Benton.   I was excited to see so many brave patriots in attendance. The Comal County Sheriff, Mark Reynolds, was in the audience, and said to me, “there will be no problems here.”  Also in attendance was Constable Mark Cheatum, Comal County Precinct 2, so definitely no chance of any disruptions.  

President Sisk welcomed members and guests and gave a short explanation of why the venue was changed. She mentioned that there were “no quotable threats” but that the company did not want to be involved in any controversy as this has long been their policy.  

Speaking to a room full of Republicans, Gibson, immediately began his very informative power point presentation.   We should all know that not any of the Texas Border Volunteers group show their presence when out on the field.  They dress in camouflage and stay hidden.  The volunteers have zero arrest authority, but do carry concealed weapons for their own personal safety.  Their mission is not to hurt anyone crossing illegally since they are there as “eyes and ears only” as an extension to the Border Patrol.  They report their sightings to the Border Patrol to make it easier for them to pick the suspected illegals up.  There have been 3,070 illegal aliens reported to the Border Patrol since 2008 and 1,774 known apprehensions.  

Their mission statement is adhered to or the volunteers cannot be part of the group.


1)      Assisting law enforcement officials with securing the border

2)      Educating the general public with regard to immigration issues

3)      Upholding the rule of law
The Texas Border Volunteers are basically in Brooks County which is 944 square miles, devoid of a large population which is only 7,235.   They are also short of funds as well as Border Patrol agents who are having to do other duties because of the large influx of illegals crossing our border.  The TBV find that there are many coming from other countries other than Mexico, such as China, Afghanistan, Africa, India and Central America.  

Gang members and human traffickers also travel to our Southern border.  On many occasions, the TBV have to reveal themselves in order to rescue illegal aliens found in the last stages of dehydration and help the people who are left behind because they are too young, too slow to fend for themselves.  

They do a public service to the state of Texas and sadly they are not always given the credit they deserve.  Instead they are accused of being haters, racists, and killers, which they are not.  On more than one occasion bodies of men and women are found that will never be identified.  Burial of these lost souls become the responsibility of the property owners. 

Shamefully our US House Democrats continue to deny the legislation necessary to stop the flow of illegal aliens coming across our Southern border.  Pitifully, many more of our leaders, lawmakers, clergy, and bishops are unaware of the circumstances at the border.  They should visit the graves of those that will never be identified or the manner in which they died, maybe this will wake them up to the truth.  Women are raped on their journey and are trafficked by the Human Traffickers that accompany them to a strange country with promises of utopia only to live a life of slavery. 

America needs legal immigration!!!

Fight, NEVER give up!


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