Senator Rubio Steps Forward to Stop De Facto Amnesty - Discussion Tonight at King Street Patriots

Senator Marco RubioSenator Marco Rubio has launched a new ad campaign to explain and gain support for his Conservative Immigration Reform program. The ad targets what we have been saying on TexasGOPVote for quite some time, de facto amnesty, strong border security and other strict rules on immigrants who are in this country either through illegal entry or visa overstays.

Current immigration policy and our refusal to deal with the related problems have, in fact, given a de facto amnesty to millions of people who are here illegally. Rubio's plan deals with these people without granting or calling for an actual amnesty.

The Conservative Immigration Reform plan put forward by Rubio and other members of the Senate calls for the toughest enforcement measures ever put forward in this country. The program sets forth a complex path of hurdles an applicant must navigate in order to become a legal resident in the United States. Calling for a criminal background check, proof of employment and payment of steep fines and fees, this is hardly amnesty.

It calls for strict border security. It also puts in place, verifiable and measurable checkpoints along the pathway to make certain the federal government does not back away from its obligation to secure and defend our borders.

The program makes participants in this program ineligible for any federal benefit programs. This includes no access to food stamps, welfare or Obamacare.

We have a long way to go in this process. There will be much debate in the Senate and in the House. This proposal by conservative leadership in the Senate is a good framework, but if we all get involved in helping shape the final product instead of just standing outside and throwing rocks at it, we can build a good, solid, sensible solution to our broken immigration system and secure our borders.

Immigration: The Bill, The Border, The Bottom LIne

Tonight, I will join with former Texas Supreme Court Justice David Medina, Immigration Attorney Linda Vega, Ron Nehring (former chairman of the Republican Party of California) and Edward Retta (founder of Cross Culture Communications), as Adryana Boyne and her organization, Voces Action, present a discussion about immigration reform and border secutiry. Entitled, "Immigration: The Bill, The Border, The Bottom Line", the discussion hosted by King Street Patriots (KSP) in Houston, should shape up to be a lively discussion on important issues. The discussion begins at 6:30 pm and is in the KSP facility at 7232 Wynwood Lane in Houston. I hope to see you there.

Senator Rubio, I lift a bottle of water in support of you and your efforts in this process!


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